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Meeting Mister Maker

June 29, 2010

Our boys were absolutely wowwed to be able to meet Mister Maker from CBeebies down at the Brighton Expo this weekend.  They enjoyed a “Mini-make” organised by What’s On 4 and had lots of time with him for photos and chats – well mostly slavvering from my 10-month old Hamish!!

My family with Mister Maker

However, Theo my four-year old did have some delightful questions for him!  Like, “Where are The Shapes?” and “Where are your Doodle Drawers?”, and the very awkward – “Why is your Dad with you?”! 

Theo was very intrigued to hear that Mister Maker was only 9-years old!  “You’re not even as old as Ben 10!”  Theo remarked!! 

Theo during the England match quizzing Mister Maker

They really had a lot of fun and so it made the What’s On 4 Awards later that day even more poignant, because each of the nominees has had a massive role to play in many childrens lives.  These people are the ones that are in our kids lives sometimes more often than we are mid-week and they are the ones that fire this imagination in our children, this curiousity, that leads to the wonderful questions and remarks they make.

And so, deservedly the What’s On 4 Awards reflect the wonderful tireless work they do, and the boundless energy they display and the creativity they use everyday to progress and nurture our children.  So, I would personally like to say a special thank you to all of the Award nominees and EVERY under-5’s worker – your value is so appreciated and does not go unnoticed.


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