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We’re LIVE!!

July 30, 2010

Well what a week it’s been! The What’s On 4 Me website went LIVE on Monday this week and it’s taken off with an absolute bang!

The local community organisers and businesses are lining up to list and already we have 100+ listings on the County Durham launch site! We have activities listed from all of the local councils; Durham, Darlington, Hartlepool and the phone is ringing and emails flooding in daily already!

It’s brilliant to be able to offer the service, to help people in the Durham County find out what’s going on – because we all know how difficult it is to find out what’s on. I mean as soon as something goes into to print its out-of-date, so I’m thrilled to be able offer such an ingenious website that brings up to the minute information for everybody who wants to get active!

How many times have I and you turned up to a class or event and it’s been cancelled or the times have changed? Well, because all of the activity listers have 24/7/365 access to alter their information, should changes happen, the information on the site is completely accurate!

I have to say, this is just brilliant to be involved with and I’m glad such a variety of activities are being listed in the numbers they are – and it’s only the first week!!!

Roll on next week! I can’t wait!!

So disappointed……

July 11, 2010

I cannot believe that Saturday Magic has been cancelled!! 

We were so looking forward to it!!! 

And we’ve invested too!!  We’ve paid upfront for hair, eyelashes, nails, defuzzing, etc.  

We’ve bought jumpsuits, go-go boots, big wigs!  And, we’ve secretly paraded around in our outfits getting our “look” together! 

I put the camera on timer one day!

Oh no, and now – for what!!??

And, so I thought nevermind – we’ll turn this around – I’ll get on the internet and find out what else is on for us instead!!  And, that’s when I realised how invaluable our new site “What’s On 4 Me” would have been right now!!  Sadly we don’t go live till August, so it won’t help me, but I know it will help many dissapointed folk in the future.

Anyway, have no fear – I quickly found Plan B!!  Flares in Newcastle will now house us AND our beautified bodies, groovy jumpsuits and crazy Afros!!!

So, watch out Newcastle!!!

Catch up at the Races

July 6, 2010

Well what a fantastic day I had on Saturday at Haydock Races!  The sun shone, the rosé wine flowed and the horses came in according to my bets!  Most of all though I had a rare opportunity to catch up with some great friends who I don’t have much time to meet up with these days.  And, it’s the same for all of us – we’re all working Mum’s – our time gets equally divided amongst everyone and everything else, and the few minutes left over are for us!

However, no matter how many weeks pass between our “catch up’s” we simply pick up where we left off.  There’s no pause.  And this makes all the difference.  I’m so grateful for having cultivated such good friendships, because at busy, stressful times in our lives like just now, this is when we need this sort of great friendship.  And I’m not sure I’d stay sane without it!!

Thank you again friends!  Here’s to us – till next time!!

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