Catch up at the Races

Well what a fantastic day I had on Saturday at Haydock Races!  The sun shone, the rosé wine flowed and the horses came in according to my bets!  Most of all though I had a rare opportunity to catch up with some great friends who I don’t have much time to meet up with these days.  And, it’s the same for all of us – we’re all working Mum’s – our time gets equally divided amongst everyone and everything else, and the few minutes left over are for us!

However, no matter how many weeks pass between our “catch up’s” we simply pick up where we left off.  There’s no pause.  And this makes all the difference.  I’m so grateful for having cultivated such good friendships, because at busy, stressful times in our lives like just now, this is when we need this sort of great friendship.  And I’m not sure I’d stay sane without it!!

Thank you again friends!  Here’s to us – till next time!!


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4 Responses to “Catch up at the Races”

  1. Sam Willoughby Says:

    I was going to comment on the size of your hat but then I saw the size of the bottle of champagne!!!


  2. Alison butcher Says:

    fab pic Maz, you havent changed! x


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