So disappointed……

I cannot believe that Saturday Magic has been cancelled!! 

We were so looking forward to it!!! 

And we’ve invested too!!  We’ve paid upfront for hair, eyelashes, nails, defuzzing, etc.  

We’ve bought jumpsuits, go-go boots, big wigs!  And, we’ve secretly paraded around in our outfits getting our “look” together! 

I put the camera on timer one day!

Oh no, and now – for what!!??

And, so I thought nevermind – we’ll turn this around – I’ll get on the internet and find out what else is on for us instead!!  And, that’s when I realised how invaluable our new site “What’s On 4 Me” would have been right now!!  Sadly we don’t go live till August, so it won’t help me, but I know it will help many dissapointed folk in the future.

Anyway, have no fear – I quickly found Plan B!!  Flares in Newcastle will now house us AND our beautified bodies, groovy jumpsuits and crazy Afros!!!

So, watch out Newcastle!!!


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2 Responses to “So disappointed……”

  1. Sam Willoughby Says:

    Nice to see that you have coordinated your jumpsuit with your decor! Very glad that you have found a new venue to groove on down!


  2. whatson4me Says:

    And what a cracking night it was!! 🙂


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