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Lessons from an Empty Office

August 20, 2010

This afternoon I realised that none of my Team were working. I was the only one in the virtual office. It was a little lonely and for a while I reflected…

…I reflected that we’re all working mum’s and this is the school holidays. Not only that, it’s Friday and long weekends beckon – so why not take off – this role is flexible.

…I mused that I’m glad that I work from home and that I’ll be seeing my children at 3pm and I wondered how many other mum’s will be sat in a stressed office wanting to be with their children at 3pm – as I used to. I felt sorry for my old self.

…I reminded myself that it’s peaceful and relaxed here, no yelling from an under-pressure boss. In fact no boss at all, because I am my own boss.

…I thanked myself for taking chances – for looking beyond the Rat Race and creating a new life for me and my family – more relaxed and all the effort I put in is mine.

…I knew that my Sales Team felt all of these things too – and that’s why they weren’t in this virtual office this Friday. They had seized the chance to spend time with their wonderful children, because for all the same reasons above, they could do.

So, that is why I’m logging off now.  I’m going to take a leaf out of my Team’s book and take advantage of my flexible work-from-home business.  I’m going to collect my boys early, because the holidays will soon be over and this opportunity will soon be gone.

If you want a better work/life balance and you would like to work from home  – take a look at the opportunities with the What’s On 4 Me Team at


August 20, 2010

Well I really can’t wait for next weekend now as I’ve just had an email to confirm that my husband can join the Parkour Team for some training next Saturday!  

As part of the Streets of Durham Summer Festival…Play…Folk…Dance the Parkour Group are offering opportunities to train with them – and boy is my husband excited!!

Secretly – well not so secretly if you spend time in our front room – my husband is very impressed with these free-runners when they appear on-screen.  Normally in a James Bond or Bourne Identity type-situation, these guys leap any gap, scale any height and overcome any obstacle in their path!  It is very impressive really I must say – which is possibly the main reason why I requested a place for him a few weeks ago – as the thought of him being able to entertain our family in this way will definitely exceed his balloon modelling abilities.

So, when I told him this morning, he was absolutely over the moon!  He’s already dusting off his trainers and finding a boyish pair of combats to don!  He just needs the back-to-front cap and he’ll be ready!  (A week early of course!).

So, watch out for the photos as there will be plenty!  And I hope there’s none of him on his head or with anything broken because if he can’t manage his Elvis leg-tremble at the 50’s Fancy Dress Party that evening he will be devastated!

The County Durham What’s On 4 Team

August 12, 2010

The What’s On 4 Me Team in County Durham is now assembled and taking activity listings by the dozen.  Meet our team…

Anne Collins

Joanna Mulaka

Kym Dalziel

I was absolutely stunned that by the middle of Week 2 we had crossed the 200 listings line!  This is incredible and shows just how well our team is working and it gives a glimmer of just how popular the site is going to be!!

Trending like this will mean that we cross the 1000 listings in 2 months time!  Watch this space!!

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