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STOP PRESS!!…South Yorkshire…SOLD!!…Bristol & Somerset…SOLD!!…County Durham…SOLD!!

March 11, 2011

WOW!!! The interest in our County Franchises is unceasing!  We’ve recently taken on board our newest Franchise in South Yorkshire, just last week – and Bev already has a site which is 90% ready for business.  The training and set up is simple, quick and easy – and our newest Franchise is really setting the pace – Well done Bev!! 

Our What’s On 4 Me team is really shaping up to be a example of how working mum’s really can have it all and  I’m so proud to be at the helm!  

We’re providing many people now with a less-stressed lifestyle and I’m so grateful to be able to do that.  Because WO4M can be run part time it fits nicely between the critical school runs!  As it’s flexible you never miss a school assembly or you can choose to have an early start to a long weekend – Bliss!!  No more rush hour traffic YEAHHH!!! because you work from home!!!  And no stressed boss giving you a to-do list as long as your arm….because you are your  own boss! 

The list is endless for the many ways that WO4M improves people’s lifestyles!  Work:Life balance – that’s what we all strive for ….and here it is and I’m so proud to be part of it 🙂 

What a brilliant year 2011 is turning out to be!!

PS – By the way….we’ve a number of Franchisees progressing at the moment, so please check with me that your preferred County is still available before getting too excited!  See our Franchise Information page for contact details and get in touch to check the availability!   


South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me has arrived!!

March 10, 2011

Another Franchise has been sold in the South Yorkshire region and Bev O’Sullivan is the very proud owner!  Bev brings Travel and Tourism experience and local business experience to the What’s On 4 Me Team – and you can read her biography on line on the South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me site.


We’re very pleased to have another Franchise on board and Bev is working at tremendous speed and her website is almost 90% ready after only a few short hours of training – I have been astounded at how quick her web development has happened!

Good luck to Bev and her partner Brian who is fully on board too with the South Yorkshire Franchise and we’ll all be keeping an eye on developments in the region!

Charity Dance-a-thon

March 10, 2011

Blackhall Community Centre rocked with around 100 dancers for a Dance-a-thon to raise money for a little boy who had unfortunately been left without a Mummy after a terrible car crash a few weeks ago. Little Jack is in class with my little boy and the news of the fatal crash shocked and devastated the Mum’s at the school.

In true Community Fashion we organised a Fundraising Event and the Dance-a-thon saw three instructors put the room full of dancers (women, men and children!) through their paces for a 2 hour marathon Dance Session!!

Well what a brilliant night was had by all and what a terrific amount of cash raised – nearly £1000 – for a very worthy cause!

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