Its time to hail the ale and cheer the beer…


Doncaster is the HUB of the beer world this weekend (April 14-16) as the College, known as The Hub, hosts Doncaster CAMRA’s 21st Beer Festival.   A truly International beer jamboree, there will be a pint to tickle everyones taste buds, from domestic milds, stouts, porters and pale ales to the Continental Beer Bar (over 30 beers from across the globe).  Great food, live music throughout the festival and a family area on Friday and Saturday (until 6pm).

This is a MUST EVENT for people across South Yorkshire

JUDGING PANEL!! – It’s all about the flavour though and our intrepid team are stepping up to the plate. It took some arm twisting but we relented and are taking on the mantle of Pub Landlord! 

We are putting our tasting skills to the test as we are graciously volunteering to act as part of the judging panel for the festival.  Now this is a serious act as up to 10 beers per category will have to be enjoyed, erm…, I mean professionally analysed, critiqued and judged.

So while everyone out there is enjoying a leisurely Thursday evening, partaking in one’s own favourite pastimes…pause a moment and think of those of us striving to select the finest of beers from amongst the world’s finest offerings… 🙂

Just imagine all that refreshing beer…

Watch  this space…for a post-Beer Festival update!

Brian (South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me)


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