Lifestyle Change in Progress!!

We’re busy working on our May Edition of our What’s On 4 Me monthly (request one here), and we have a very inspiring section all about changing your lifestyle! It’s very informative and to be honest, whilst working on it’s really got me thinking too about what I can change in my life…

I know I shouldn’t get too involved in everything I read and edit on our site – as I’d be out dancing, walking, bingo-ing, rock-climbing, etc. day and night! – but I just can’t help the thoughts churning over with this one! And you see, I’m changing lots already….but I just don’t feel like I’ve quite really hit the heart of it yet….I still feel like I’m not 100% where I want to be, and I’ve just been prompted with this article to try to put my finger on what it was that was bothering me.

You see…I’m already on the case with losing weight – I’ve been doing that through ZUMBA (if you didn’t see me previous update I’ve dropped a dress size Woohoo!)…I’m currently studying, so I definitely don’t have time for a new course…we’ve done as much improvement work around the house as we can handle…

So…I was casting my eye a bit closer to home and….YES! it definitely has to be an image change!! Everything around me has been changing, but little ol’ me has been stuck in a bit of time warp! So it’s high time to get out of this Tardis and make a change.   Now I’m not sure where I’m going to go with this (or who is coming with me!), but there is definitely much room for improvement!

I’m not getting any younger, wrinkles are appearing on my wrinkles…I found my first grey hair a few weeks ago…some parts of my body migrated South for the Winter and never returned….SO – it’s time to take a good long look at my body, face, make-up, wardrobe and cast a brand new eye over it! BUT…where do I go for image advice? What’s the form these days?? Do we have consultants who can handle such a sizeable task? Or is it mums and friends still?

Where do you start? Who can be trusted to give a good opinion about a new direction – I don’t want to come out the other end looking like an 80’s version of myself! I’m open to suggestions here…where do I start??…

(May’s Special Update request – so you can be inspired too!)


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6 Responses to “Lifestyle Change in Progress!!”

  1. Jules Thomas Says:

    Great blog, I too am losing weight so am chuffed to the extreme for your successful dress size drop! Congratulations.

    I have met quite a few image consultants and would like to suggest this to you, maybe take tips from people who’s style and image you admire. Seems simple but each consultant offers different things, just as in business decide where you want to be then make your plan, so if a consultant or close friend for that matter has the style and image you desire, then gravitate to them.

    Best wishes with your new look it’s a fab reward for all your Zumba!

    Jules :o)


  2. whatson4me Says:

    Thanks Jules. It’s hard work, but thankfully ZUMBA is fun, so it doesn’t feel stressful at all.

    Should I just Google “image consultants” or do you have any personal recommendations?

    Marilyn 🙂


  3. Bev Says:

    A friend of mine recommended an image consultant in Doncaster recently and last night she was on ‘Come Dine With Me’!! Brilliant.
    She is called Alison Tinsley from Lavish Ladies, I think I need to make an appointment too… 🙂


    • whatson4me Says:

      Thanks Bev – I’ll look her up!

      What is it with Come Dine With Me?! :))) Everyone’s going on!
      My cousin Kelly from Blackburn was on there a couple of years ago (and on too many repeats!) – she made T-Shirts for everyone to say “I’ve been on Telly wi Kelly”!

      M 🙂


  4. Sam Says:

    What about a personal shopper at one of the big department stores? Usually free and you get to try on hundreds of different clothes (and someone runs arounds after you!)


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