Donny Girls Do It On Chairs!

Stop the press! Burlesque Chair Dancing has finally come to Doncaster!!

What is Burlesque Chair Dancing?

Burlesque Chair Dance is a brand new form of dance fitness available to all ladies in the Doncaster area. A blend of burlesque, cabaret and modern dancing, the moves are cheeky & sexy and designed to boost confidence and self esteem in women whilst at the same time getting that essential weekly workout that we all dread!

Cleverly disguised within the routines as cheeky dance moves are a variety of resistance and toning exercises to build muscular strength and endurance and develop the cardiovascular system. The average lady can burn up to 500 calories per class whilst losing weight, having fun and making new friends.

Alongside our weekly classes we also have our Cabaret Team who perform our routines at local events, fundraisers and private parties. We support a local band Saint Harlot and have recently performed with them at a Harley Davidson rally. We also have our annual shows where all of our dancers perform routines for friends and families at a twice a year ticket only event. Every dancer has the opportunity to join our Cabaret Team at any time, but of course this is purely optional.

We regularly organise out of class activities for our members such as photo shoots, evenings out and organised events to promote the group. Many of our ladies have benefited highly from our range of services and below are just a few examples from some of our members;

  • Rosie joined the group in July 2010 suffering from acute anxiety and depression, to begin with even leaving the house and coming to one class a week was a challenge as meeting new people in a new environment was very stressful for her. Rosie took to class incredibly well and enjoyed herself and her new friends so much that she soon signed up to two classes a week. After six months she joined our Cabaret Team and began performing with us at a variety of shows, events and parties. Rosie is currently being trained up as an Assistant Instructor, she has started a part time college course and dropped a dress size. Rosie is now a confident, approachable and much more out-going lady who is also now looking forward to returning to the workplace in the near future – watch out employers here comes Rosie!
  • Kim was a size 22 and started coming to class with the pure intention of losing weight for her trip to Florida this year. She participated in all our classes alongside a healthy diet and left Manchester airport a size 14! Kim hates exercise but loves to chair dance, saying she doesn’t even class it as exercise its so much fun.
  • Dorothy is in her 50’s and a member of our Cabaret Team, she enjoys dressing up for photo shoots and performing at dance events – she tells her husband she’s at the garden centre!

We have been offering our cheeky workout for exactly one year now and have very quickly expanded from one to four classes a week across the Doncaster area.

Tuesday 7.30 – 8.30pm – Woodfield Social Club, Woodfield Road, Balby, DN4 8HL

Wednesday 6.30 – 7.30pm & 7.45 – 8.45pm Benefit Pole Fitness Studios, King Avenue, Rossington DN11 0PF

Thursday 7.15 – 8.15pm Bentley Pavilion, Askern Road, Bentley, DN5 0HU

We want to offer our classes to every woman in Doncaster, so if you are above the age of 16 and looking to add some excitement into your life come on down and join us. We dance barefoot and on a normal class night leggings and a t-shirt are just fine……………………fishnets are optional!

For any additional information please call 07891292659 and ask for Donna or check the for more details!


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