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Emma Cambell-Critchley – nominated in 3 categories in the What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards!

September 28, 2011

Emma is a Wellness Coach & Arriba! Weight Loss Club Leader in the North East and has been nominated in no less than 3 categories – “Best Activity Provider”, “Best Local Sports, Health or Fitness Group” and “Most Outstanding Activity Instructor” !

Emma says “I’m Mum to two young boys.  I have a health & fitness background and started the Arriba clubs as I wanted to help people in the local community with their health & wellness goals.  I’ve been running challenges for over 2 years now and have helped hundreds of men and women reach their weight loss targets.  As well as running classes I work with people on a 1:1 basis providing customised nutrition solutions for well-being, weight management and sports.”

Her Arriba Classes welcome people to the revolutionary ‘Community Weight Loss Challenge’ which is a 12 week course designed to give you the necessary knowledge and support you need to achieve safe and long term weight loss. Unlike traditional ‘Slimming Clubs’ at Arriba! they provide much more than a ‘pay-weigh-and go’ weight loss class. Over the 12 weeks they will educate you on key topics including:

    • Importance Of Protein
    • Understanding You Body Composition
    • Healthy Snacking
    • Rev Up your Metabolism
    • Fats – Good & Bad
    • Portion Control
    • Carbohydrates
    • Understanding Food Labels
    • Eating Out Healthily
    • Digestive Health
    • Importance Of Fibre
    • Understanding Sugars
    • Exercise

The Challenge:

  • Everyone in the challenge starts and finishes at the same time
  • Everyone pays a participation fee of £39.
  • At the end of the 12 weeks the 3 participants who have lost the greatest % of body weight win:
    • 1st Prize = £300*
    • 2nd Prize = £200*
    • 3rd Prize = £100 *

Here’s what one of Emma’s Award nominees had to say about her:

“After getting to 44 years old and fed up of being over-weight- I wanted someone/something to help and advise me. I didn’t want to count points or have meal replacements – these are available on the course but not compulsory – I just wanted to be re-educated about eating healthily. Emma gives advice and encouragement without being patronising and is genuinely pleased with even 1/2 a pound weightloss! With Emma’s help  I lost over 21lbs and 10 inches in 12 weeks I’m more confident and have even started going to Zumba classes 2 or 3 times a week!”

Well Done Emma on your nomination and good luck with your votes!  You really deserve your place in these Awards!

To vote for Emma – click << here >>

What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards – I’m starting to feel like Simon Cowell!

September 28, 2011

The What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards are now in full swing! We’ve had hundreds of nominations for absolutely brilliant activity providers from around the UK and now the competition has started with the voting stage!

Our nominees are being voted for in droves each day and it’s so weird that I’m starting to use X-Factor speak when discussing the Awards… “positions are changing every minute”…”the competition is just hotting up”!!  Let’s hope I don’t go the whole hog and start wearing my trousers way too high!  

The voting numbers are truly staggering and it’s no wonder when we have such inspiring nominees in the competition.  Here are just a few comments that have been sent in about our nominees…

“…a wonderful example of a young mum teaching others how to improve their lifestyle – she leads by example and is inspiring and supporting. She cares as she teaches…”
“…He supports each and every one of his students and helps them reach their full potential. Through his teaching – students have increased their self confidence whilst learning new skills. He always has time to help his students…”
“…she creates a very relaxed and motivational atmosphere for adults of any size, shape, form and fitness level. She is very inspiring and deserves to be awarded…”
“…she is extremely bubbly and helpful and always helping out other businesses. She extended her workshops to old people’s homes which have been a fantastic success and enjoyed by all that attended. She is very community minded and goes at lengths to make her business and activities a useful resource for the local community…”

With these wonderful people in our midst it’s no wonder that their communities are voting so enthusiastically for them!  Over the coming weeks we’ll be inviting our nominees to tell us a little more about themselves and their activities – as we feel that they all deserve to be in the spotlight!

I’m so excited for them all and – as Simon Cowell says – “…it’s all about votes!…”  Get your VOTE in today!

Marilyn x

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