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Amanda Dixon – nominated in the What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards!

October 13, 2011

Amanda Dixon is a Training Instructor in the North East and has been nominated for “Most Outstanding Learning Tutor” in the What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards!

Amanda is a busy mum of 4 based in Gateshead, and having set up in business 4 years ago, re-organised and started her new business, I Am You Limited in November 2010. 

She now concentrates on doing what she enjoys doing the most – Networking in person and on line.  She does this both for herself and for clients who either are too busy to network or don’t enjoy it as much as Amanda!

Amanda says “I have a natural ability for Social Media so decided to help other businesses use and understand it.  I began Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn training both 1-2-1 and in a hands on workshop environment. I attended many Social Media Training sessions where the attendees were lectured at and looked just as confused at the end as they were in the beginning, which is why decided to train people in live workshops, so they could work on their accounts whilst learning – I find this a far more effective way to teach. There is nothing more rewarding after a course than to see the client “grow” on Social Media.”

Amanda recently took an adult evening class, lecturing on Viral Marketing and she has been booked to deliver a 4 week training course in Social Media.  She has also been contacted by a second college asking for her to deliver courses for them too.  She is working at the moment to get her online Social Media Training Course up and running, for those people who are too busy to attend workshops.

This is what one of Amanda’s students had to say about her:

“Amanda has ran a few sessions on Social Media training and Networking for Mums Business Club North East. She is extremely helpful and generous with her time and her sessions are always very popular.”

Well Done Amanda on your nomination and good luck with your votes!  You really deserve your place in these Awards!

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Hannah Fisher – nominated in 2 categories in the What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards!

October 12, 2011

Hannah Fisher is a Dance Instructor in Doncaster and has been nominated for 2 Awards – “Best Local Sports, Health or Fitness Group” and “Most Outstanding Activity Instructor” !

In November 2010 Hannah  moved to Doncaster to continue her passion for Dance and Fitness after completing a dance degree in July 2009 at York St John University. She has been on the dance scene for many years now from performances with local schools to teaching in the community.

Hannah says “I have been concentrating on my new love ZUMBA!!! Its a fantastic way of getting fit, having fun and feeling good about yourself.  I get an amazing buzz off each of my classes as the women that take part are just so supportive and have great energy.  I am running 9 sessions of Zumba a week throughout Doncaster that are open classes for anyone to turn up and give it a go! ”

Since moving to Doncaster Hannah has successfully raised over £1500 for Behcets Syndrome Society through Charity Zumba Marathons (Zumbathon) and Glow in the Dark sessions and she has another Halloween Glow in the Dark Special coming up on Friday 28th October.

As well as community classes she works with Primary Schools throughout Doncaster working with after school dance clubs and she is currently working with Long Toft Primary for their performance in the Ash Hill Academy Dance Festival around Easter time.

Every school holiday on a Tuesday morning she holds ZumbAtomic sessions (Zumba for children) followed by a street and break dance workshop! The session last 3 hours and they receive a healthy light lunch at the end of the session.  So far they have been a great turn out and Hannah says “I hope they continue as I love seeing them excited about coming to see me and take part in the classes plus its a great treat and morning out throughout the holidays.”

One of Hannah’s Class members says:

“I joined Hannahs Zumba class in October last year, she hadn’t been doing the class long. I loved the class from the first time, not only are her routines excellent and fantastic workouts but she makes it so much fun. I now do 3-4 classes a week mainly because I love it so much.  I have tried other zumba classes and the other instructors don’t come close to Hannah and her wicked routines. She changes them every month too, to keep us on our toes and keeps it new and fresh. I have never been this fit for a long time and can’t imagine life without Hannah’s Zumba! She is a very down to earth person and makes you feel very welcome at her classes, she is gorgeous inside and out!”

Well Done Hannah on your nominations and good luck with your votes!  You really deserve your place in these Awards!

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Charlie Featherstone – nominated in 3 categories in the What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards!

October 9, 2011

Charlie is the Chief Instructor at The North East Tang Soo Do Academy and has been nominated in no less than 3 categories – “Best Activity Provider”, “Best Local Sports, Health or Fitness Group” and “Most Outstanding Activity Instructor” !

North East Tang Soo Do Academy have been running now for over 3 years teaching a very traditional Martial Art. Tang Soo Do is very unique in the sense that it teaches not only a great method of self defence, superb kicking techniques and a great all round healthy activity but the main emphasis is self development of the individual and to teach the importance of contributing positively to society.

At the Academy they work closely with both national and local charities and provide free workshops and seminars to other groups – in particular working with children with special needs.   

The Academy saw a further development earlier in the year when their own FitnessAcademy came into being.

Charlie says “I strive to teach my students to live a healthier and more active lifestyle both physically and mentally.  Built on the ethos of real old fashioned values of respect, integrity and humility, I am humbled to have been personally nominated and that the Academy has had two other nominations. My role in the Academy is to help each and every one of my students to reach their full potential. This year was a milestone for me as 3 of my student aged from 11 – 14 successfully gained their Black belt promotion. I have taught these children for over 4 years and the feeling of seeing these 3 young children grow in confidence was something very special. Tang Soo Do teaches us to grow from within, to become strong and confident.”

One of Charlie’s students said:

“There is no other instructor that is so passionate, not only about the art itself but about his students and their progression. He really gets involved and has time for every single one of his students. He encourages them all in every class to reach the standard that they know they are capable of and he never gives up on any of  them. He is a friend to all his students and such an inspiration to them all. I don’t believe there is another instructor like him.”

Well Done Charlie and The North East Tang Soo Do Academy on your nomination and good luck with your votes!  You really deserve your place in these Awards!

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Kirsty Dee Bowerbank-Steel – nominated in 2 categories in the What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards!

October 6, 2011


Kirsty Dee Bowerbank-Steel runs Work it Baby and has been nominated in 2 categories – “Best Local Sports, Health or Fitness Group” and “Most Outstanding Activity Instructor” !

Work it Baby provides exercise classes for mums, but with a difference! Not the standard postnatal type classes, Work it Baby went one step further with the ‘Mummies withTummies’ classes taking you much further beyond this stage.  Designed for mums that have never ever got back into shape and have lost all confidence to go to the norm exercise class or gym,  or simply just mums that have loss all the weight but need a class that will focus on blitzing that belly back into shape.  Work it Baby brings these like minded women together to support one and another with a class that has been created with them in mind. A high energy fun 45 minute routine designed for busy mums that generally don’t enjoy fitness.
Founder Kirsty says ‘ I always hated exercise and never really knew what I was doing. After having my daughter, like most women I struggled to get back into shape but even when I did  lose the weight I found I still had the wobbly bits. I couldn’t find a class that really brought together mums like my self who felt dishearten by stretch marks and loose skin and wanted to come together to feel confidence. So I decided to train in the industry and do it myself, I had no experience but a passion because of my own experience. I now love exercise and love what I do. I work with some amazing ladies and it’s very rewarding.
Here’s what one of Kirsty’s class members had to say about her:
“Kirsty is simply Inspirational. She’s a young busy mum and has a vision.  A vision that all women – whatever their shape should not feel intimidated by exercise classes, should feel part of group and feel accepted. She’s on hand to chat about worries, insecurities, health issues and wobbly bits that are an issue.  It’s an amazing concept and comes alive when Kirsty teaches, encourages and makes working out so fun.  I could go on but I’ll stop there. In short I nominate Kirsty because she makes an impact on those around her and helps us Work-it-Baby and with Love.”
Join Work it Baby on Facebook and Twitter  

Well done Kirsty on your nomination and good luck with your votes!  You’re an inspiration & really deserve your place in these Awards!

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Karen Seafield – nominated in 2 categories in the What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards!

October 5, 2011

Karen Seafield runs KLR Management and KLR Psychic Agency and has been nominated in 2 categories – “Best Entertainment, Day Out or Attraction” and “Best Volunteering Group or Individual” !

Karen set up KLR Management in 2006 when she was a single parent and named the business after herself and her two sons!  It was the only PR agency in Sunderland at the time and 4 years later she set up KLR Psychic Agency which is the only Psychic Agency in the North of England.

Karen says “I have helped raise over £70,000 for various local and national charities. After my dad was diganosed with cancer in 2008 I began campaiging and fundraising for cancer charities. My brother died in Intensive care August 2010, and with various fundrasing activies I helped raise £433 for Sunderland ICCU.  After losing my brother, 5 months later my dad passed away and recently I have raised over £4,000 for cancer charities while going through my own grief and daily hospital visits to see my mam. I enjoy helping people who need it.  I am now a patron for Macmillian and review cancer books.”

KLR Psychic Agency is going from strength to strength and Karen plans to expand even further in the next two years – she is regularly suppling psychics to various regional events and is now supplying now on a National basis.  Well done Karen!!

Here’s what Karen’s biggest supporter – her son said about her:

“My mam has done lots of events for 5 years and has raised thousands of pounds for lots of charities and is still raising money! Even after she lost her dad and brother and looking after us and my nana in hospital  too.  She has done lots of events with her business and she has even done fashion shows, dance festivals, talent competitions and loads and loads of other stuff!”

Well done Karen on your nomination and good luck with your votes!  You’re an inspiration & really deserve your place in these Awards!

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Dawn McLean – nominated in 2 categories in the What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards!

October 2, 2011

Dawn McLean runs classes at Rosewill Cottage and has been nominated in 2 categories – “Best Activity Provider” and “Most Outstanding Activity Instructor” !

Rosewill Cottage holds jewellery making workshops, social beading evenings and children’s birthday parties within its shop. 

As a North Tyneside Council Educational Partnership Business Ambassador we are involved in the Art and Design Apprenticeship scheme which are run by the council for children aged 14-16 years old. This is a great way to engage students in a business focused way through creativity and design and has met great reviews from the council as well as the head teachers of the school children and the children taking part.

Our most favourite workshops that we run are with the elders of The Grange day centre in Throckley,Newcastle.

Social care for the elderly has received some negative publicity in recent months so it’s important that groups like the Grange Day Care Centre receive the support and recognition from local communities and businesses like ours, so that they can continue delivering excellent opportunities for the elderly.

At our jewellery making birthday parties, children come away with two pieces of jewellery mainly a necklace and a bracelet. We see the same group of children coming on a regular basis now which shows how much they enjoy them and each time their skills are improving and growing with more elaborate designs.

For all our workshops and parties it is an absolute pleasure to see the creations children and adults make as well as seeing the delight and pride on their faces when they see their finished pieces.

Here’s what one of Dawn’s Award nominees had to say about her:

“I attend a lot of adult classes covering a variety of activities but I have to say I found the classes at Rosewill Cottage to be by the far the best I have ever attended!  I learnt so much and the teacher was extremely patient with me, giving me the time and dedication to assist me in the class.  A welcoming environment and friendly atmosphere.” 

Well done Dawn on your nomination and good luck with your votes!  You really deserve your place in these Awards!

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