Dawn McLean – nominated in 2 categories in the What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards!

Dawn McLean runs classes at Rosewill Cottage and has been nominated in 2 categories – “Best Activity Provider” and “Most Outstanding Activity Instructor” !

Rosewill Cottage holds jewellery making workshops, social beading evenings and children’s birthday parties within its shop. 

As a North Tyneside Council Educational Partnership Business Ambassador we are involved in the Art and Design Apprenticeship scheme which are run by the council for children aged 14-16 years old. This is a great way to engage students in a business focused way through creativity and design and has met great reviews from the council as well as the head teachers of the school children and the children taking part.

Our most favourite workshops that we run are with the elders of The Grange day centre in Throckley,Newcastle.

Social care for the elderly has received some negative publicity in recent months so it’s important that groups like the Grange Day Care Centre receive the support and recognition from local communities and businesses like ours, so that they can continue delivering excellent opportunities for the elderly.

At our jewellery making birthday parties, children come away with two pieces of jewellery mainly a necklace and a bracelet. We see the same group of children coming on a regular basis now which shows how much they enjoy them and each time their skills are improving and growing with more elaborate designs.

For all our workshops and parties it is an absolute pleasure to see the creations children and adults make as well as seeing the delight and pride on their faces when they see their finished pieces.

Here’s what one of Dawn’s Award nominees had to say about her:

“I attend a lot of adult classes covering a variety of activities but I have to say I found the classes at Rosewill Cottage to be by the far the best I have ever attended!  I learnt so much and the teacher was extremely patient with me, giving me the time and dedication to assist me in the class.  A welcoming environment and friendly atmosphere.” 

Well done Dawn on your nomination and good luck with your votes!  You really deserve your place in these Awards!

To vote for Dawn & Rosewill Cottage – click << here >>



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