The Value of Kundalini Yoga in Beautiful Surroundings

Guest Blog by Anette Siri Simran Mulkerrins from the Simran Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

I was introduced to Zen meditation at the age of 10 and yoga at 18, which is quite a few years ago, and so I have plenty of hands on experience of Kundalini Yoga, which I love sharing with people who are ready to learn. 

Kundalini Yoga is for all levels, is always de stressing and balancing, with  ‘yogic’ techniques for keeping ‘cognitive functions’ at an optimum, and a focus upon how to access health on all levels.   

Kundalini is a way to deal with modern day stress and the joy from connecting with the eternal now.

We provide classes and courses in beautiful Stockholm, thus combining yoga and a travel experience to this friendly and exciting city.

Also yoga travel to amazing Connemara, Ireland. Staying at historic Renvyle, by the Atlantic coast.

Thus, a healing experience that is enhanced by the intense beauty of the surrounding landscape of sea, un spoilt beaches and purple mountains.

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