Top #10 Ways to BEAT the WINTER Blues….

During the Winter months, your sleep patterns, energy levels and mood usually change and you may already be feeling low during these long periods of grey days.

However, see our tips below for how you can start to BEAT your WINTER blues! 

Be warm – don’t make things worse by being cold!! Dress for the season and buy uplifting, bold colours for your winter wardrobe – especially your hats and scarves!

Enjoy the Winter season – remember when you were a kid – what did you love most about Christmas?  Make a list of 5 Festive Season things you’ll really look forward to this year – “Making Footprints in the Snow”, “The Smell of Warm Mince Pies”, “Watching The Snowman”… 

Always leave major projects until next year – don’t start anything stressful now – just focus on YOU – this is YOUR Christmas and you’re going to enjoy it!  See What’s On in your area and put your calendar together!

Try to get a good sleep pattern – sleep increases your serotonin levels and helps you maintain a healthy eating pattern, and it takes years off your face!


Walk – Sunlight reduces your sleepy melatonin levels – by getting outside & taking a short walk each day you’ll feel more alert and awake throughout the day (find a walking group near you

Inside – and if you have to be inside – open the curtains and allow as much light in as possible.  Sit near windows when you can to give yourself an extra boost of sunlight

No unnecessary stress – plan NOW for Christmas – all the presents, meals and social occasions need some planning, so do it now.  And learn the all-important relaxation techniques for if plans go awry (see our Yoga & Meditation Feature)

Take regular, moderate exercise or physical activity, especially in a social group to boost your seratonin levels – even 10 mins each day can give you a boost to last all day (see to see what’s on in your area)

Eat a well-balanced diet.  Feel full, but not bloated and make sure you get all your bug-defending vtamins & minerals!

Redecorate your home in light colours – put the dark cushion covers away and make way for some yellows and gold a reflect the little bursts of sunlight around your room.  Make sure in the evening you use subtle lighting just before bed to induce a feeling of relaxation just before bedtime.

Start making changes NOW – and you’ll BEAT those WINTER blues!  And for what’s on in your local area over the Festive Season see


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