Tough times? Have you turned your hobby or interest into a Money Maker?

Recent survey says 2 in every 5 Brits Making Money on the Side

According to a survey conducted this week, almost half of employed Brits say their finances are being stretched more than ever before. And they’re not just sitting back and taking it: 2 in every 5 are supplementing the income from their main job with their own money making ventures. And more than half say that without these exploits they would struggle to survive.

The survey(1) of 1000 employed adults, carried out on behalf of DIY website builder, showed that whilst the traditional car boot provides an income for around one in three, two thirds have turned to selling on eBay and one in ten are even turning to gambling to try and balance the books.

 Middle classes hardest hit

And it’s not the lower income earners who are being most affected. Middle class respondents, in positions of business ownership or senior management were almost 10% more likely to be feeling the pinch and starting businesses on the side.

Ray Francis, Spokesperson for WebEden says ‘In this digital age, people who are struggling to make ends meet can be entrepreneurial relatively quickly and easily.  A fully functioning online shop, for example, can now be set up in an evening and orders taken literally within hours.’

 No help from banks

Of those who weren’t currently supplementing their income, 1 in 4 said they were thinking about setting up a business on the side. So what’s stopping them? Well, almost half say they struggle to find the time with a similar number saying start up capital is their main barrier. And to underline how harsh banks are with lending these days, one in five said that they have no support for their new venture from their bank managers.

 (1) 1000 UK employed adults independently surveyed by Onepoll

If you have turned your hobby or interest into a money making venture then our What’s On 4 Me fans ( )would love to hear your story.

Please comment and let us know how you are doing it!


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