#5 Top Tips for taking your business from the kitchen table / spare bedroom to an Office

Richard Smith, entrepreneur and Managing Director of Search Office Space (SOS) give us his advice for taking your business from the kitchen table to an Office

If you’re considering taking your business out of your bedroom or off your kitchen table and starting to rent office space, Richard Smith, entrepreneur and Managing Director of Search Office Space (SOS), looks at what you should think about when finding the right space for your business… 

Tip 1 – What are you looking for?

The most important step at this enquiry stage is research. For example, what are your priorities with respect to budget, location, company branding, and number of staff? The answers will be different for every company and lead to different solutions, of which there are many. The traditional long lease is certainly an option which must be considered but there are also serviced offices, managed offices, and shared offices to think about. Further, if you decide that renting any space at all is not suitable for your business but you would like to add a professional feel to it then you could consider a ‘virtual office’.

Tip 2 – What are you getting for your money?

Be sure to know what is included or not included in the rent. For example, the rent for most serviced offices includes business rates, service charge, phone installation, IT and cleaning. This means that there are no extras which you would need to budget for, such as dilapidation costs or expensive initial capital expenditure on business set up costs or estate agents or solicitor’s fees. In a serviced office, all outgoings are tax-deductible and treated as standard operating expenses.

Tip 3 – How much space do you need?

You need to consider exactly how many square feet you will need so that you don’t get something too small or pay for superfluous space that will not get used. For offices, allow roughly 100sq. ft per employee. Also consider any storage space that you will require – this is especially important if you are in retail and need an area to store stock. Also think about your growth plans and consider whether there is enough space in the building to allow your company to grow. If in 6 months time, you plan to have trebled the size of your staff, is there the potential to move within the building? This could save on time and costs rather than looking for alternative offices later down the line.

Tip 4 – What else is in the building?

In the future, would you use a conference room or meeting room? As you grow your business, it may be important for you to arrange meetings with clients and suppliers so you may want to consider an office space where you have access to meeting rooms. You may want to also think about whether it’s important to have a restaurant or coffee shop in the building, if you’re working late, this could be essential for you whereas for others, it could be a perk.

Tip 5 – Who else is in the building?

Try to find out who else is renting space in the building. You may find out that some tenants could be your direct competitors so consider whether you want to be on the same floor or even the same building as them! You might also find that some companies could be working in your sector so this could be great for networking.

For more information about finding the right office space for you, contact Search Office Space on 0800 740 8080 or visit us at www.searchofficespace.com

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