How to promote your business to the Media in a cost effective way – #5 Top Tips

PR Expert Janey Lee Grace offers What’s On 4 Me Business Owners 5 Top Tips to Hit the Headlines!!

I’m an author, speaker, and I  run my own holistic living business but I also work on the other side of the microphone as a Radio and TV presenter and journalist and I’d like to offer you some the inside tips on how to get your brand featured in the media without the need for expensive PR campaigns.

Tip 1 – You are the brand and Your brand is YOU.

Its worth reminding yourself that its you that people are interested in, so remind yourself of your unique selling point.    Remind yourself who your Target audience is and ask what are the problems your niche market has that you can solve?

Tip 2 – Become an enthusiastic expert.

An enthusiastic, interesting expert could be given opportunities in many different markets to offer information about your company, product or service, and interviews or editorial is usually far more effective and cheaper than using direct advertising.   When listening to the radio or reading an article, people like to connect with the person, not merely the goods and services on sale. It’s your authenticity, your warmth, enthusiasm, knowledge, human interest story that makes you different and we know that Clients like to buy from people they LIKE, KNOW AND TRUST – editors, journalists and TV producers definitely want an easy life so you’ll be called time and time again.

Tip 3 – Create opportunities to link what you do with current news.  

Ask yourself what is the journalist looking for ?  Where are your opportunities to get your business in the media ?  Ask yourself when you last read a news story, heard a radio interview and thought…’We offer the solution to that !’   Keep up with the zeitgeist and find angles to promote what you do to a mainstream audience by responding to topics, if you’re a member of the business ‘twitter-arti’ you’ll know that social networking is excellent for ‘trending topics’ but also ensure that the editors of local newspapers and  radio stations have your details on file and are assured you can offer an interesting informative and enthusiastic take on whatever it is that you specialise in. Explain to them just how that could fit with certain news and human interest stories.  A lawyer I trained on a one to one ‘Get yourself in the media’ session,  knew that the issue of Prenuptial agreements was going to come up,  so before the ruling was made he contacted radio stations to offer himself as an interviewee, once the story broke he contacted them again and was indeed used as a spokesman.

Tip 4 – Generate your own news story

Set up a survey and turn the results which show your business in a favourable light into a press release, Keep it simple, bear in mind what makes a good story with broad appeal.   Make it topical quirky, or controversial !

Tip 5  – Prepare for your interview

Remember that poor preparation will result in poor presentation so especially for live TV or radio interviews, choose two main points and rehearse delivering them in 20 or 30 seconds, have a further 5 or 6 bullet points ready and remember an interview is not an exam, stick your own agenda, for great examples of this, listen to any politician being interviewed !

Janey Lee Grace offers media / communication skills and presentation course and workshops email

Many of our readers and advertisers at What’s On 4 Me ( are business owners already or they are looking to turn their hobby into a business. 

If you have a service that will help them – get in touch now – we’d love to hear from you!


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