Concern as nearly 40% of mums dread school holidays due to childcare and work issues

Marilyn Bradshaw, from What’s On 4 Me, reports on the shock findings of a recent mums survey

It’s not often that news reports prompt me to blog  – however a recent survey reported that 40% out of 2000 mums surveyed are dreading the Summer Holidays and “the extra childcare and juggling it around work” was named as the biggest issue for 48% of those. summarised the key findings of their recent survey and report that:

“Four in ten mums are dreading the school summer holidays…Difficulties juggling work and childcare…mean millions of mums aren’t looking forward to the break from school at all.

Mums worry about the months of July and August in particular because they have to rely on friends and family to look after their children…Other concerns include having to return to a mounting workload after taking time off with children.

Half of the 2,000 working mums polled even admitted to reaching a point after three weeks and three days where they actually start looking forward to their children returning to school.

The study also revealed that 40% are dreading the start of the school holidays, with the extra childcare and juggling it around work named as the biggest issue for 48% of those.

More than a third even said they still haven’t got childcare arranged for the full six weeks…and 17% hate the fact they’ll eventually have to call on friends and relatives to look after their children so they can continue going to work.”

This is of great concern to me, because I’m a working mum and, in contrast to 40% of other mums, I have been looking forward to this summer’s six-week holidays so that I can quality spend time with my two boys who are six and three year old.

I’ve been looking forward to it so much that I’ve even invited my seven year old niece to stay with us for the holidays too, so that she can join in with the fun alongside my two boys.

The reason that I can work flexibly and that I’m looking forward to the holidays is that I work from home. I manage my business around my life.  My business, What’s On 4 Me gives me the flexibility to do that.

I’m not taking any time off work and I’m not reducing my work hours, I’m simply working flexibly.  So, I was amazed that such a high proportion of mums do not have a flexible work arrangement – especially when many jobs and businesses can be managed from home.

If this is YOU – if you are one of the four in ten mums that dread school holidays – then take a look at our What’s On 4 Me work-from-home opportunities.  They may not be for you – but they could be?

We have both business and employment opportunities – take a look here.

Joining our What’s On 4 Team and start preparing for the next holidays – in October.  The majority of our UK team are work-from-home mums, so we know What’s On 4 Me works.  How wonderful would it be for you to spend every school holiday with your children?

Please feel free to share this via Social Media or Email this to friends and family who might need a helping hand to reduce their dread of the school holidays.

Come on mums, start looking forward to your kid’s school holidays and spending quality time with them!

To see the full report findings go to Babyworld


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