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Childcare Costs now make it Unaffordable For Most Mums To Return To Work ~ What’s On 4 have a Brand New Solution…!

January 17, 2013

What’s On 4 brings you the opportunity to run your own work-from-home business with the Award Winning “junior” What’s On 4 websites and Baby Expo Events,, and

Franchise Profile (2)With recent news of childcare costs being prohibitive to mothers being able to go out to work, it will be welcome news to many mums that What’s On 4 have now launched their regional businesses for mums to work-from-home!  The opportunities are ideal for mums looking to get back into work and running a business from home.

Marilyn Bradshaw and Bev O’Sullivan are leading the way in creating flexible working opportunities for mums across the UK by expanding the very successful What’s On 4 brand of websites!

Our family of What’s On 4 websites has been bringing information about local activities, clubs, classes and events, catering for all age groups from newborns to over-60’s, for over seven years now, since their creation 7 years ago by What’s On 4 founder Sam Willoughby.

Now with over 75,000 visitors each month to our What’s On 4 sites, over 50,000 subscribers, and over 50,000 social media fans, these websites are immensely popular with adults, parents, grandparents and carers.  What’s more is that these businesses are about to be launched as regional businesses across the UK.

As working mums themselves, Marilyn and Bev understand the need for home-based business opportunities and this is a major driving force for them.  Marilyn has two boys under the age of six and in the past 2 years has already taken the UK by storm with What’s On 4 Me ( – the adult “arm” of the websites.  As Master Franchisee she has provided many mums with part-time, flexible working opportunities.

Baby Expo LogoMarilyn says “Being a mum and running a National business from home is the most perfect combination I could imagine.  Having already developed 12 local business owners across the UK for What’s On 4 Me I am completely driven to do the same for our What’s On 4 “Juniors” business. These opportunities give the flexible working arrangement that many families need these days.”

Joining forces with Bev O’Sullivan, mum of three children under 10, means that they can quickly expand the “Junior” websites, and, including the extremely successful and popular BabyExpo Events to create these desperately needed work-from-home opportunities.

Marilyn Accepting AwardBev says “Since coming on board with the What’s On 4 Team by running South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me, my work life balance has changed dramatically for the better.  To now be able to run the children’s side of the business of What’s On 4 gives me the unique ability to also offer this lifestyle to others – and run a successful business.”

Marilyn and Bev have a wealth of business accolades between them including Awards for Best New Business Idea, North East Woman Entrepreneur Finalist and Best Brand Winner to name just a handful.

What’s On 4 “Juniors” will benefit from their combined entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen and drive the growth of the What’s On 4 family of websites across the UK – creating dozens of flexible work positions all across the UK.

Interest has already been registered for many of the local What’s On 4 business regions and discussions are underway with potential candidates.

However ~ DON’T MISS OUT!! If you feel that you would like more information about running What’s On 4 in your region, including the availability and cost, then contact Marilyn Bradshaw, 0121 288 1228, for more information!

Make 2013 Your Happiest and Healthiest Year Yet…!

January 16, 2013

Our guest blog today comes from Claire Moore, owner of ‘Believe & Achieve Retreat’ and ‘What’s On 4 Me’ national award winner in 2012 in the ‘Best Relaxation Activity, Retreat or Getaway Provider’ categoryImage

Forget quick –fix bootcamps. Believe & Achieve suggestion is that one of their weekend programmes that will start you on the first steps to changing your life. Described as ‘inspiring’ and ‘empowering’ by clients, each weekend is an exhilarating experience that will show you how to achieve optimum health & happiness.

Claire Moore explains “The foundation to all our retreats is health and happiness – and in order to achieve this we focus on 3 key areas:

Nutrition  –  Exercise  –  Goal setting and Developing a positive mind-set

Believe & Achieve offers three weekend retreats so you can find the one just right for you.

1) Healthy Living and Weight loss RImageetreat
Two days in the beautiful Peak District. Arriving at 9am on the Saturday you will experience a weekend crammed with fun and informative activities. This includes 2 fat burning sessions, 2 hikes and a canal walk. Food is fuel and the nutrition workshop helps to develop your understanding on what fuel is best for your body to ensure weight loss, increased energy levels and optimum health. Support is provided on meal planning along with recipe ideas and weekly menus. Two additional workshops develop your knowledge on effective goal setting looking in detail on how to set achievable short, medium and long term goals and then identify your plan of action. At Believe & Achieve will fully believe that anything is possible and will show you techniques on developing a positive mind-set in order for you to be confident that you can and will achieve your goals. Add to that great company, tasty filling food and a bucket load of fun we can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend!

2) Reclaim Your Health
Believe & Achieve are working with nutritional therapist Clare Shepherd from newlifenutrition delivering a retreat focused on health, vitality and wellbeing. 
This weekend is the start of a 7 day package.  We will provide you with a 7 day plan that follows a fruit and vegetable based diet full of cleansing enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  This programme will provide your cells with the essential nutrients required for increased energy and healing. Minimum digestion + maximum nutrition = a happier you!  

Staying with us for the first two days we will talk you through the cleanse step by step ensuring you are fully prepared to complete the remaining 5 days once home.
Along with gentle exercise, meditation, positivity workshops, holistic relaxation treatment and cookery lessons this weekend will enable you to relax, recover and recharge.
We only take 6 people on these retreats allowing each client their own private room.  

3) Power Your Performance
This is for all you gym buddies who want to push past that plateau and improve those personal bests!
Two full days on
•    Olympic weight lifting and the correct techniques
•    Programme design – get the most out of every gym session
•    Kettlebells – they burn fat and build muscle. Simple
•    Plyometric – improve performance and smash that plateau
•    Sandbag training
•    Nutrition workshop – food for optimum performance
•    Supplements – what, when, why.
•    Sports psychology – Focusing in & psyching out, develop a winning mind and evaluating performance
•    Recovery techniques

Up your knowledge and Power your Performance!
Includes 1 night stay at a Mecure St Pauls Hotel, Sheffield, all meals and full use of gym, pool and spa on Saturday evening.

For more details visit Believe & Achieve or contact Claire Moore on 0800 8498289 or

How well do you express yourself?

January 10, 2013

Our guest blog today comes from Nicci Talbot, a journalist, author, copywriter and editor of Rude Magazine. She specialises in health & wellness, sex & relationships.

I’ve just done the Hastings Mastery of Self-expression, an intensive weekend workshop for creativity and self-development. It was led by Christine Kimberley, an experienced actor/coach/presenter and draws from techniques used to train actors to express more of themselves and be more authentic in their work. The experience blew me away and I’ve been talking about it non-stop since. I’m not going to explain the processes involved because they won’t make much sense out of context but the combination of exercises, play and group energy is very powerful and facilitates change.

I’ve been flirting with the idea of doing the workshop for a while – friends have mentioned it so I went along to a taster event to find out more. I was a bit freaked out by the performance aspect (you need to prepare a two-minute piece, which is used as a vehicle during the workshop to help you express yourself). I’m not an actor but I do want to learn how to express myself more authentically, from the heart and to get over those nerves about public speaking so in the spirit of Susan Jeffers’ Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, I signed up. I was curious to find out how it could help my writing and desire to run workshops and salons on female sexuality, which is something I want to develop.

The weekend is a blank canvas so an opportunity to assess where you are and where you want to be, with the aim of bridging that gap. You will find out what holds you back and where you stop yourself. It also gives you a toolkit to help you cope with situations that might arise. I went into it as an individual focusing on my own dramas and I came out feeling supported by a group and in a more cohesive frame of mind. I learned that creativity is something that happens ‘out there’ between you and others rather than something that is locked inside, waiting to be released. We are naturally creative and we can choose whether to turn it on/off during the day.

Presenting something from your heart and gaining feedback and support on it is a powerful experience and one that stays ingrained in your muscle memory. So, when you come to do it again your body will remember the experience and won’t be phased by it. It’s about practice and it becomes more natural the more you do it.

Throughout the weekend I got several opportunities to ‘do myself differently’, which was freeing and exhilarating. It’s fun to work with a group to create something spontaneously and it made me realise I need to surrender and have more fun! Life can be a schedule of routines and I have various hats on so this realisation was important. I miss the freedom and joy of dancing so this is something I will make time for. How often do we give ourselves permission to play without agenda, as we did as children? Not often enough and it’s a vehicle for creativity.

I met some amazing people and it was a privilege to share their journey, hear their stories, and see them blossom as the weekend progressed. By Sunday evening I felt a massive shift in my perspective and energy levels. One of my goals (and this was reiterated by others) was a desire to feel bigger in the world and get myself out there with the work I’m doing. I experienced that feeling and it’s stayed with me since. I am fired up, open to opportunity and possibility, living in the moment and being more present. There’s less procrastination and guilt around money for a start. I have let go of the anxiety around that and am working on abundance and gratitude for what I do have.

I’m operating from the heart and keeping my emotions flowing – be it love, anger or need. I don’t want to block or repress my feelings because I know doing so has a negative impact on my physical health. I have had joint pain and arthritis for the past seven months and the physical release of emotion has improved my health. The mind-body connection is powerful so from that perspective the workshop gave me a physical detox as well as a mental one. I have found it easy to connect with people on a day-to-day level and am experiencing a sense of flow with my work, which is joyful.

Coming back to my worries around ‘presenting,’ I learned over the weekend that it’s not about acting or pretending to be someone else but about expressing yourself from the heart with feeling. That’s what inspires and moves people. That simplifies things and takes the pressure off I think. Watching people do this naturally and letting their defences down was inspiring and emotional. Christine is a natural and intuitive coach and knows instinctively how to get the best out of people.

By Sunday evening there was a big shift in the group energy. We were working as a team to nurture and support each other and I saw people blossom. I forged some strong emotional connections from the shared experience, which will stay with me forever and I know those people will be a continued support in the work I am doing.

Two weeks on, I feel clearer, focused, open and in touch with my emotions. I’ve come to terms with my anger and learned how to express it constructively rather than bottling it up. I am connecting well with others and have had several ideas about how to take my business forward. My health is better and I will continue working on that. I have taken the pressure off myself and am being less self-critical and kinder to myself. I am more present in my relationships and this has improved things between me and my daughter. Most of the time the dramas and tantrums are about wanting my undivided attention. Several people have told me I look great so I can see that people are attracted to my openness and energy.

The Mastery has had an impact on me on various levels – personally and professionally. I consider it a gift to myself and it has given me some practical tools to cope with whatever life brings up. I feel less anxious and have gained a sense of security in where I am and what I am doing. The workshop is an investment in yourself and I recommend it if you want to step things up a gear and work on whatever is holding you back.

Christine Kimberley runs taster evenings of The Mastery in Hastings and Eastbourne. Contact and

On the Edge, an anthology of Mastery leaders worldwide, compiled by Christine, is available to buy from her website.

Nicci Talbot can be contacted through Rude Magazine at

12 Steps to a Healthier 2013

January 9, 2013

Its January again and everyone is like a bull in a china shop going full steam ahead with their new year’s resolutions of Diet’s, Gym Memberships and Detox’s for the month. We think it is fantastic that so many people at once are so health conscious and are doing their upmost to make a difference to their weight and lifestyle.

However wouldn’t it be great if for once we all didn’t have to go through this crazy phase that sometimes is an “overwhelming” experience and becomes so intense that it is unsustainable and by February we’ve all had enough? We all blame ourselves when we fall off and feel like we have “failed” but it’s not our fault.

Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t spend most of the year “on” and “off” the wagon?

We can’t spend all of our lives on a Diet, hammering the gym 5 X per week or starving ourselves.

Imagine never having the stress of being on a “Diet” ever again! But feeling well, in good shape and living a balanced lifestyle?

Now there is no “easy” route to getting fit, healthy and losing weight (unlike what so called experts have you believe) BUT there is an easier less frustrating way that can last a lifetime. Yes really!!

A “lifestyle” is the answer, a lifestyle that we create over time for the “long term”. Making positive changes that work, that are healthy and that become as normal as brushing your teeth every day. Eventually turning bad habits into occasional treats, good habits, every day habits and finally being able to find that “happy balance”.

In this blog we advise that you take 1 of these resolutions per month and spend that month only focusing and making that ONE positive change to become a habit for good. These 12 Tips will eventually create HUGE results over the next 12 months so that next January you don’t have to stress or go through all of this again.

Here it goes 12 resolutions to change your health and body shape in 2013…

  1. cokeDrink water and maximise hydration – A hydrated body is the first most important step before embarking on any type of health or weight loss kick. The human body is made up of 70% water so this vital to get right. Tip: Aim to consume 1 litre of water for every 50lbs you weigh. This will help keep you hydrated and speed up fat loss.
  2. Avoid Diet sodas and drinks – Many of us drink diet sodas because we are tricked into believing that they contain “no sugar” and are less fattening. Wrong! Diet drinks can label and market as low calories, no sugar and less fattening, HOWEVER they do not mention that they contain “Aspartame”, a chemical sweetener that is a 200 times stronger than sugar and has a devastating effect on our bodies fat levels. Tip: Avoid or reduce your fizzy drink intake by half and avoid after 12pm, replace with water. If you do drink fizzy drinks as a treat opt for full fat. 
  3. Low fat = Get fat – We would strongly advise you avoid ALL low fat products including yoghurts and sauces. The problem with low fat products today is they are marketed and labelled as less calories and fat, however the fat is stripped and replaced with the white enemy “Sugar”. Aim to only consume the full fat options if you must including full fat butter and full fat bio live natural yoghurt. Tip: Remember we need good fat to lose fat so get yours from avocados, seeds, nuts, coconuts, and oily fish, etc. 
  4. blood-sugarControl blood sugar levels – The most important action you can take for fat loss is maintain a balance in your blood sugar levels, do this by avoiding anything that contains more than 5g of sugar per serving. NOTE: Excess sugar=Excess fat gain. Simple! 
  5. Kick the Cardio – Steady state cardio such as running, X-trainer, cycling, walking and aerobics will only burn 1/5 of the amount of calories that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will. HIIT training is the most effective way to burn fat. Tip: Try this, 20secs of fast running or cycling followed by 20secs of recovery for 5minutes. 
  6. MRTIntroduce MRT – MRT is Metabolic resistance training. MRT is so good for fat loss today that there is nothing else as quick and effective. Why? Because it is all about boosting our natural metabolic rate (the rate our body burns calories. Tip: Create the “Afterburn” effect and burn thousands of calories for up to 24hours after this MRT workout 
  7. Get complex with your carbs – It’s time to say goodbye or dramatically reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates if you want to increase energy and decrease your waistline. These include bread, pasta, rice and white potato. Why? Because they are either heavily processed, contain wheat and gluten or cause our bodies to gain and store fat. However do not panic as Complex carbohydrates are going to be your main source or carbs and these are healthy, tasty foods such as: Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, all vegetables, grains, legumes, brown rice, quinoa and rye toast etc. Tip: Aim to consume carbohydrates on the days you work out. 
  8. Throw away the calorie calculator – Avoid living your life by calories, sins and points! It’s time to start eating when you’re hungry, stop when you are full and just think about the foods you are putting into your body. Calorie restricting and starvation diets will only lower your metabolism and we all now know what that does! Less is definitely not more. Tip: Stop looking for fat and calorie content on foods and look for wholesome natural foods and check sugar content. 
  9. Ditch the Sit-ups and Crunches – Sit ups and crunches are extremely out dated, cause lower back and neck damage as well as do nothing for your that six pack. Aim to lose fat from your tummy by eating correctly, doing MRT workouts and doing “Core” work for your tummy toning such as planks and hill climbers. Tip: Try this core workout 2-3 times per week or add into your current workout:
  10. juiceAlways eat breakfast – Yes this sounds very cliché but it is very important. Eating breakfast is like putting fuel into your car for the journey ahead, the journey being your day ahead! Skipping breakfast and not eating for hours will affect blood sugar levels and result in you craving a carb or some sugar. Your breakfast will also kick start your metabolism for the day providing it’s the right breakfast. Tip: Aim to eat breakfast within 45minutes of getting up on a morning.
  11. Not So Special K – Cereal is the quickest and tastiest breakfast for most of us with a busy lifestyle; however it is one of the most damaging foods to our health and waistline. Cereal was once nutritious as a whole grain or wheat before being highly processed through a chemical process called extrusion to make into its shapes and to make it last its sell by date of around 6-12months. Not to mention being coated in sugar or chemicals. Tip: Opt for more natural foods at breakfast time such as eggs.
  12. Get Help – Embarking on a health kick, exercise regime or Healthy eating plan is never easy on your own and requires motivation, support and expert advice. Look for a company or coach whose training principles are in health and wellbeing as well as effective fat loss. Avoid cheap companies who promise quick fixes, fad’s and promote shake diets etc. Remember it is an investment in your health!

Here’s to your success in 2013!

dave and helenlee

Helenlee Whalley & David WilkinsonLifestyle Coaching experts & Co-owners of dh fitness studio

If you require any further info or support on the above please contact us on

See our online Article for further information and inspiration for your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Win a Goodie Bag from Yakult to welcome in 2013!

January 7, 2013

YAKULT-corporate-master-2Turn over a new leaf with Yakult!

If you’ve overindulged during the Festive period & looking to turn over a new leaf and look after yourself in 2013 read on… and ‘Love Your Gut’ www.loveyourgut.comLR_Yakult Image5 LILACa campaign organised by digestive health charities Core and the IBS Network in association with Yakult – is offering 1 lucky reader the chance to take steps towards good digestive health by supplying a ‘Love Your Gut’ Pack worth £50.

It contains: a water bottle, gym bag, sports towel, skipping rope (that counts jumps & calories burned ), baseball cap and a pedometer along with a range of ‘Love Your Gut’ goodies

Simply click on our picture and comment and “share” with your friends to have a chance to win this amazing Goodie Bag!

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