Make 2013 Your Happiest and Healthiest Year Yet…!

Our guest blog today comes from Claire Moore, owner of ‘Believe & Achieve Retreat’ and ‘What’s On 4 Me’ national award winner in 2012 in the ‘Best Relaxation Activity, Retreat or Getaway Provider’ categoryImage

Forget quick –fix bootcamps. Believe & Achieve suggestion is that one of their weekend programmes that will start you on the first steps to changing your life. Described as ‘inspiring’ and ‘empowering’ by clients, each weekend is an exhilarating experience that will show you how to achieve optimum health & happiness.

Claire Moore explains “The foundation to all our retreats is health and happiness – and in order to achieve this we focus on 3 key areas:

Nutrition  –  Exercise  –  Goal setting and Developing a positive mind-set

Believe & Achieve offers three weekend retreats so you can find the one just right for you.

1) Healthy Living and Weight loss RImageetreat
Two days in the beautiful Peak District. Arriving at 9am on the Saturday you will experience a weekend crammed with fun and informative activities. This includes 2 fat burning sessions, 2 hikes and a canal walk. Food is fuel and the nutrition workshop helps to develop your understanding on what fuel is best for your body to ensure weight loss, increased energy levels and optimum health. Support is provided on meal planning along with recipe ideas and weekly menus. Two additional workshops develop your knowledge on effective goal setting looking in detail on how to set achievable short, medium and long term goals and then identify your plan of action. At Believe & Achieve will fully believe that anything is possible and will show you techniques on developing a positive mind-set in order for you to be confident that you can and will achieve your goals. Add to that great company, tasty filling food and a bucket load of fun we can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend!

2) Reclaim Your Health
Believe & Achieve are working with nutritional therapist Clare Shepherd from newlifenutrition delivering a retreat focused on health, vitality and wellbeing. 
This weekend is the start of a 7 day package.  We will provide you with a 7 day plan that follows a fruit and vegetable based diet full of cleansing enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  This programme will provide your cells with the essential nutrients required for increased energy and healing. Minimum digestion + maximum nutrition = a happier you!  

Staying with us for the first two days we will talk you through the cleanse step by step ensuring you are fully prepared to complete the remaining 5 days once home.
Along with gentle exercise, meditation, positivity workshops, holistic relaxation treatment and cookery lessons this weekend will enable you to relax, recover and recharge.
We only take 6 people on these retreats allowing each client their own private room.  

3) Power Your Performance
This is for all you gym buddies who want to push past that plateau and improve those personal bests!
Two full days on
•    Olympic weight lifting and the correct techniques
•    Programme design – get the most out of every gym session
•    Kettlebells – they burn fat and build muscle. Simple
•    Plyometric – improve performance and smash that plateau
•    Sandbag training
•    Nutrition workshop – food for optimum performance
•    Supplements – what, when, why.
•    Sports psychology – Focusing in & psyching out, develop a winning mind and evaluating performance
•    Recovery techniques

Up your knowledge and Power your Performance!
Includes 1 night stay at a Mecure St Pauls Hotel, Sheffield, all meals and full use of gym, pool and spa on Saturday evening.

For more details visit Believe & Achieve or contact Claire Moore on 0800 8498289 or


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