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Decline in Mineral Content of a Medium Apple

March 13, 2013

Decline in Mineral Content of a Medium Apple

Live Life With Minerals


A recent report in the Daily Mail stated that an apple a day is not as good as it used to be.

Fruit and vegetables are being gradually stripped of the natural goodness which makes them beneficial for health, experts have found.

An alarming drop in essential minerals means that the apples and greens of today are nowhere near as good for us as those eaten 50 years ago.

Some fruits are also becoming sweeter than they were during the last century, leading to fears about tooth decay and obesity.

Nutrients needed to help the body and immune system work properly, balance hormones and produce vital blood cells are dwindling across a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, it emerged.

Five a day

Government health advice is to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day to help maintain health and possibly avoid some cancers.

But research…

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National NO SMOKING Day! Ten Chances to Win an E-Lites Starter Pack!

March 13, 2013

Ahead of National No Smoking Day (13th March) and to mark the launch of its new TV advertising campaign E-Lites, the leading UK brand of electronic cigarettes, is offering not one, but ten What’s On 4 Me fans the chance to win an E-Lites starter pack with refill E-Tips each worth £33.98 RRP.

Created for smokers, E-Lites electronic cigarettes offer a harm reducing alternative that recreates the sensation of a tobacco cigarette without the smell, smoke, legal restrictions or impact of passive smoking.

Designed to look, feel and taste like the real thing, E-Lites electronic cigarettes are made using the latest technology and contain a nicotine solution that users inhale as a vapour without any of the tar or carbon monoxide found in a tobacco cigarette.

Available in Regular, Light or Menthol, E-Lites electronic cigarettes are distinguishable by their unique green tip, which upon inhalation lights up to alert those around you that it’s not a tobacco cigarette.

Not only are E-Lites less harmful to a smoker’s health, but they also cost around 70 per cent less than tobacco cigarettes.

Each winner will receive an E-Lites E80 starter pack which comes complete with a USB charger, rechargeable battery and 2 E-Tips (equivalent to 80 traditional cigarettes). E-Lites will also throw in an extra pack of E-Tips, giving each winner the equivalent of 160 ‘cigarettes’.

To view E-Lites’ first TV advert, featuring its dancing ‘Gangnam’ baby click here or for more information about E-Lites visit and follow us on Twitter @ELitesUK.

10 lucky What’s On 4 Me fans can win an E-Lites starter pack each worth £33.98 to celebrate National No Smoking Day (13th March) – ENTER HERE

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