National NO SMOKING Day! Ten Chances to Win an E-Lites Starter Pack!

Ahead of National No Smoking Day (13th March) and to mark the launch of its new TV advertising campaign E-Lites, the leading UK brand of electronic cigarettes, is offering not one, but ten What’s On 4 Me fans the chance to win an E-Lites starter pack with refill E-Tips each worth £33.98 RRP.

Created for smokers, E-Lites electronic cigarettes offer a harm reducing alternative that recreates the sensation of a tobacco cigarette without the smell, smoke, legal restrictions or impact of passive smoking.

Designed to look, feel and taste like the real thing, E-Lites electronic cigarettes are made using the latest technology and contain a nicotine solution that users inhale as a vapour without any of the tar or carbon monoxide found in a tobacco cigarette.

Available in Regular, Light or Menthol, E-Lites electronic cigarettes are distinguishable by their unique green tip, which upon inhalation lights up to alert those around you that it’s not a tobacco cigarette.

Not only are E-Lites less harmful to a smoker’s health, but they also cost around 70 per cent less than tobacco cigarettes.

Each winner will receive an E-Lites E80 starter pack which comes complete with a USB charger, rechargeable battery and 2 E-Tips (equivalent to 80 traditional cigarettes). E-Lites will also throw in an extra pack of E-Tips, giving each winner the equivalent of 160 ‘cigarettes’.

To view E-Lites’ first TV advert, featuring its dancing ‘Gangnam’ baby click here or for more information about E-Lites visit and follow us on Twitter @ELitesUK.

10 lucky What’s On 4 Me fans can win an E-Lites starter pack each worth £33.98 to celebrate National No Smoking Day (13th March) – ENTER HERE


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