What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Nominee – Gail Powell, The Solopreneur, South Yorkshire

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Gail close-up Photo - 2Gail Powell is the founder of The Solopreneur Ltd, a company set-up to help would-be authors to not only get that book written, but also to get it published.

There is no greater feeling than waking up each day and loving what you do for a living. Many people who decide to work for themselves often choose to turn their hobby into a business. If you are going to work for yourself then you may as well do something you know and enjoy.

However, the one challenge that new (and existing) business owners have is the ability to market what they have to offer 24/7. Being very good at what you do, enjoying your hobby is all well and good, but when a hobby becomes a business then new skills are required.

The new business owner will find they need to up-skill and that there is, of course, never enough time to do everything. When the solopreneur is busy then marketing is one of the first tasks that can go on the back burner. The problem is, however, that marketing in order to be successful is an ongoing activity meant to create a steady stream of interest and income. Picking up and trying to make sales immediately when a lull in sales occurs, is very difficult to achieve for any business. This ‘feast and famine’ cycle has seen many a small business suffer creating a great deal of stress for the business owner.

That is where Gail comes in because she can help any hobbyist/solopreneur to write and publish a book on their area of expertise. It is the one marketing tool that will demonstrate the author as the ‘go to’ person in their field. A quality well-written book will actively seek out new ‘fans’ and customers whilst the author sleeps. Add to that the passive income created from the sales of the book then this is the one must-have marketing tool for every solopreneur.

Gail is also a Life Coach, broadcaster, columnist, editor and author; combined with her years in multimedia and marketing, she is happy to help any author at any stage of their writing journey with advice and encouragement. Gail states that ‘there is no greater feeling than holding the first copy of your printed book in your hand. The sense of achievement is like no other, and having a book about you and your passion is the single best marketing tool a business owner will ever create.’

Gail has been nominated in the category Best Hobby to Business Support. To vote for Gail please visit the What’s On 4 Me Awards website and click the Voting Link.

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