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Pussy Doll Palace – What’s On 4 Me 2013 Sponsor

October 23, 2013

Pussy Doll Palace, Tyne and Wear

What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Sponsor

pdplogoPUSSYDOLL PALACE is an ultra cool, on trend retailer bringing the girls of the UK, Europe and beyond the best in celebrity fashion and accessories. Having began life as a boutique store in Sunderland in the North East of England we have fast established ourselves as a reliable and trusted company that can compete with the best of the high street and most well known on-line retailers.

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Earlier in 2013 TOWIE’s Jessica Wright played host to the grand opening of our second store in Newcastle-Upon- Tyne. PDP2 has proven a real attraction with the local Geordies thanks to its fabulous decor, unique ambience and gorgeous products. We work tirelessly to stay on top of the latest trends in order to provide our customers with the best the fashion world has to offer.

Our web site is a beautiful digital world home to a vast array of fashion, bling accessories and a huge selection of hair pieces in every style and colour imaginable. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are vibrant, bustling emporiums of fashion ideas, inspiration and conversation!

We believe that looking great and feeling your best are one and the same and should not come with a huge price tag. We persevere to bring the best of the fashion world at affordable prices for everyone, the second the trend hits if not before!

With the customer always at the forefront of our thoughts we have recently overhauled our web site to bring an increasingly engaging, user friendly shopping experience.

Our aim is to be the first name on everyone’s lips and the ‘go-to’ web site when you are celebrity clothes spotting on-line, in magazine or on TV!

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Jane Langston, The Amatsu Training School – What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Finalist

October 22, 2013

Jane Langston, The Amatsu Training School, Herts

What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Finalist

amatJane Langston has been practitioner since 2000, and a Teacher of Amatsu since 2003, working with Active Balance Training Ltd and Amatsu UK Ltd with the inspirational Dennis Bartram. Jane has taught in Hertfordshire (North West London), Hartlepool and Dublin, having been an assistant trainer since 2001.  The Amatsu Training School was formed in 2005 and Jane has a proven track record of teaching to a high standard. She was a founder member of the Amatsu Therapy Association (ATA), and acts as an External Examiner for  Amatsu Therapy International and is a Senior Practitioner with the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine. Jane is also a member of Amatsu Therapy International and the Institute for Learning, having completed the City and Guilds PTLLS at level 4.

AmatsuJane has a scientific approach to the teaching of the art of Amatsu, by virtue of her background as a Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science, specialising in Haematology.The school has produced award winning students, with Kim Holmes being awarded the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine’s Best Complementary Medicine Student Award 2011.

Jane will be assisted throughout the courses by Taz Faruqi, another qualified teacher.   Together they amass over 18 years of Amatsu teaching, and over 22 years of clinical practice. They will be ably assisted by Gina Croft , who has a keen desire to teach Amatsu, and will be participating on the Trainers’ Programme. Additional classroom and kitchen support is provided by Noura Abi-Chahine.
The Amatsu Training School Ltd  is proud to have been awarded the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine’s Award for Best Complementary Therapy Company 2012 – a tremendous accolade indeed!

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Cask Corner, Doncaster – What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Finalist

October 22, 2013

Cask Corner, Doncaster

What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Finalist

CASK CORNER LOGO 17.06.13Cask Corner first opened in 2011 under the patronage of Julie Buckley who’s mission statement was to promote Live Music in Doncaster; to both showcase and fuse young and old talent alike and to provide a platform for them to do this, to bridge the generation gap, to develop past and present musical influences and hone their musical skills, as well as to provide a stage for existing bands. They have achieved this by providing free rehearsal space, giving them an opportunity to perform either at Live and Gigging on a Tuesday, Open Mic on a Wednesday or a gig on a Friday or Saturday night. Also she wanted to make Live Music available to all, not charging an entry fee achieves this.

Julie “Very Rarely Wrong” Buckleys’ happy team consist of Adrian “Damaging Director” Daykin, Lorna “Mousekin” Buckley, Marc “I’m Off For My Sandwich” Jones, Phill “500 points in Scrabble “ Boguszewski, Alanah “Flirty” Flint, Becca “My Zips Stuck” Medley, Joie “It’s not my real name” Carruthers and Daniel “Dapper” Rowley.

Me and the girlsJulie was at Open Mic when she was informed that Cask Corner were finalists at the What’s On For Me Awards, several members of The Smoking Beagles and Groomlake Fugitives asked if they could come along to the awards. This ramshackle band of troubadours are a prime example of what she set out to achieve; the bands were formed by customers, friends and Open Mic attendees ageing from 25 to 53, they played their first gigs at Cask Corner with great success and went on to perform at T-Fest and are now a highly sought after bands.

cask corner photoAll Cask Corners events fit in with those in the Doncaster Community; many local bands performed there during Doncasters music festival MAPFest and they organised some great events for Doncasters first Steampunk weekend with a Music Hall Variety Show featuring lots of local talent. They also host Cask Fest twice a year with live music all day and night! In 2013 they were also proud to be invited to host a VIP tent at Tickhills’ first music festival, T-Fest which was a great success.

Getting to know the customers both in person and via social media is imperative to the Cask Corner team and a massive thank you goes out to all of them, the staff and the musicians for helping to make Cask Corner the great venue that it is.

Thank you, Julie

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Lindsey Allen, Lindsey Allen Fitness – What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Finalist

October 22, 2013

Lindsey Allen, Lindsey Allen Fitness, Bromsgrove

What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Finalist

Lindsey AllenWith more than 10 years experience in the fitness industry as a gym manager, personal trainer and studio instructor, I moved to Bromsgrove from a successful career managing the BBC Fitness Centres in London. I am based at The Ryland Centre where I offer a variety of classes including high energy, fat burning and body conditioning.

I am passionate about promoting the physical and psychological benefits of leading a healthy & active lifestyle, and committed to making exercise accessible to everyone, regardless of their fitness level or goals. My classes are designed to be a welcoming and nurturing place for people to exercise and take time out, in a bid to support a healthy work/life balance.

Whatever exercise you’re into or whatever level of fitness you’re at, I have a class to suit you. My unique selling point in Bromsgrove is introducing Hour of Power to the West Midlands which is the most exciting & dynamic full body workout on the UK fitness scene. It truly is “The Ultimate Workout”! I also over Boxercise Circuits, Pump fx, LBT’s, Abs, a HIIT class called 60 Minute Fat Loss, Little Black Dress Club and Real Results.

As a personal trainer, I dedicate my time and expertise to each individual client and work with them closely to ensure they achieve their goals. I will always discuss their exercise likes and dislikes so that the workouts always remain fun & effective!

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City Hearts – What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Finalist

October 22, 2013

City Hearts, Sheffield

What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Finalist

City HeartsCity Hearts was started around seven years ago with the aim to help and support vulnerable women live a free and purpose filled life.  Since then City Hearts has started numerous projects with a view to fulfilling this aim. Projects include a 24-hour residential Restore Recovery Programme for women and two regional UK teams that offer support to victims of Human Trafficking. We have also launched City Hearts International in Ghana, a programme helping in the poorest areas of the city with a homework club and courses teaching young people business skills.  This provides much needed opportunities to prevent young people falling victim to human trafficking.

City Hearts goal is to love people back to life.  This is achieved by providing a high standard of support with the emphasis of moving individuals forwards toward their personal goals, through mentoring, counselling, friendship and practical help.

In 2011, we became part of the national support provision helping victims of human trafficking. Currently we offer accommodation and support to men, women and families caught up in the travesty of trafficking.  We provide a safe refuge for rescued victims and help them access immediate support, medical care, counselling and practical assistance toward a new future. Our trained team of caseworkers provide a high level of care and expertise.  City Hearts has established excellent links to connect victims into the community and to provide ongoing support.

Year after year City Hearts sees numerous lives turned around.  To read some of these stories, such as those of Idore and Jess, or to find out more about what we do, then visit:

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Ideal Weight – What’s On 4 Me 2013 Headline Sponsor

October 22, 2013

Ideal Weight

What’s On 4 Me 2013 Headline Sponsor

Ideal_weight_120x120At Ideal Weight we see things differently. We believe that losing weight isn’t the hardest part – it’s keeping it off that’s tricky. That’s why learning the skills for long term weight management is at the heart of what we offer.

Unlike most weight loss plans, we don’t believe ‘one size fits all’. Your ideal weight is personal to you, and only you should decide what it is. We offer a range of eating plans to kick start your weight loss journey combined with weekly weight management sessions with one of our Ideal Weight coaches.  This means that when you reach your ideal weight you’ll have all the tools and skills you’ll need to stay there.

We use the Body Mass Index to accurately measure if you are overweight or obese and your Ideal Weight coach will use this calculation to help you choose which of our plans is suitable for you. The Body Mass Index calculation is a basic and widely accepted way to measure if you’re overweight or obese. Medical professionals use BMI to assess health risks. For example, the higher your BMI the higher your risk of certain diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems and some cancers.

We know the only way to successfully maintain your ideal weight once you’ve reached it, is to change your relationship with food. Our coaches are trained weight management experts who’ll not only support and listen to you through the usual ups and downs of your weight loss journey, but more importantly, they are there to help you build a positive relationship with food for the future.

Weight Loss Plans


Our range of weight loss plans have been developed to fit in with your lifestyle. Ideal Weight offer three eating plans to help you kick start your weight loss journey. On the 4 Plan, all your meals are replaced with four nutrition packs a day and you will have a daily milk allowance. Because this is a very low calorie eating plan and your long-term health is important to us, not everyone who comes to us can do the 4 Plan, and those who are able to, can only stay on this plan for a maximum of eight weeks. Your coach will discuss whether this is an option for you.

The 3 Plan and 2 Plan consist of nutrition packs (you can choose from our range of delicious shakes, soups, meals and bars which are all suitable for vegetarians), plus meals which you’ll prepare for yourself from our list of every day food options, which includes a daily fruit and milk allowance. Using this you’ll be able to prepare yourself meals like creamy salmon, pork stir-fry, curries and casseroles.

You’ll have a weekly session with your Ideal Weight coach to have a better understanding of why you have gained weight in the past and what behavioural changes you can make to manage your weight better in the future.

Maintaining your Ideal Weight

Once you’ve lost weight and are close to your ideal weight, you’ll have already started putting into practise the skills you’ll need to help you maintain your weight in the future. When you reach this stage your coach will introduce you to our weight management eating plans. The 1 Plan is the first step towards weight maintenance. This plan includes one nutrition pack a day alongside three meals which you’ll prepare for yourself from an extended list of every day foods, plus you will still continue to attend your weekly session with your Ideal Weight coach.

Once you’ve finished the 1 Plan, and are ready to start maintaining your ideal weight, you’ll start experimenting with food choices, portion sizes and new recipes, and fully put to use all the new skills you developed during your weight loss phase. And of course, the support of your coach and group will also continue throughout this time.

Ideal Weight Coaches

Our coaches are at the heart of Ideal Weight, so finding the right people to work with us is crucial to our success. We recruit people from all backgrounds, however, there’s one common thread – you must have excellent people skills and empathy. We recruit against a competency framework to ensure that all Ideal Weight coaches offer the best possible service to our clients. If you think you have the skills to help our clients reach their ideal weight and stay there, contact us now, we’d love to hear from you!

Ideal Weight at the Ideal Home Show

Come and visit the Ideal Weight stand located in the Woman’s section for your free BMI check, and enter our competition where one lucky winner will win a spa break voucher for 2. Ideal Weight will also be offering free membership to all new joiners at the show, details of which can be found by visiting the stand.

Ideal Weight will also be returning to the catwalk this Christmas with a new show every day at 12pm and 1pm. They have a great show planned this Christmas, with some festive fun and a few surprises.

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WIN a Potters Crouch Exclusive Christmas Candle!

October 18, 2013

A festive fragranced candle is the perfect way to bring the Christmas spirit into your home during the season or make thoughtful gifts and ‘thank you’ tokens if you are a house guest this year.

Made in the UK by artisan candle makers, Potters Crouch Candles, each of their highly scented candles is hand mixed; hand poured; hand labelled and finished, using the finest quality natural ingredients and original perfumes created by an expert French perfumer exclusively for Potters Crouch candles.

With a secret blend of wax, all candles burn for about 50 hours. Each candle is encased in a beautifully decorated tin, which is cleverly designed so that when the candle is lit, the tin becomes warm helping to ‘throw’ and release the fragrance into the room. Choose from: Christmas, Plum Pudding, Cinnamon, Frankincense & Myrrh, Gold, and Festive Spice. Priced £8.50 each from


What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Nominee – Social Media Consultancy Limited, County Durham

October 7, 2013

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SMC 220213-10The Social Media Consultancy Limited was formed in January 2012 by Jayson Gurney, after spending 12 months successfully organising and host 3 regional monthly Social Media Cafes in Darlington, Bishop Auckland and Barnard Castle through his IT business, SOHO IT Solutions.

The main aim of the Social Media Cafes was to help small business owners, managers and non-profit group members to embrace Social Media in an open and friendly networking environment.  Jayson appreciated the need for free professional advice, guidance and support – all the regional Social Media Cafes, of which there are now 5 – Darlington, Durham, Bishop Auckland, Barnard Castle and Hartlepool still offer FREE support.

The business has gone from strength to strength – it now offers affordable hands-on training workshops to help business owners gain the skills to manage their own Social Media presence.  In addition to this it has established two monthly Support Groups, again aimed at helping business embrace social media to promote their products and services.

Late in 2012, Jayson received an unexpected phone call from HootSuite inviting him to become a Partner. Several months later, The Social Media Consultancy becomes an official HootSuite Pro partner – strengthening their skills within the Social Media market.

Once again, The Social Media Consultancy have been nominated for a “What’s On 4 Me Award”, last year we made the finals, but 2012 was not our year.  Hopefully, 2013 will be our year as we have been nominated for two categories.

  • Best Hobby to Business Support
  • Best Socialising, Networking or Support Group

We are delighted to have been nominated and would like to thank everyone for their loyal support.

Jayson Gurney, Managing Director

The Social Media Consultancy has been nominated in the following two categories Best Hobby to Business Support and Best Socialising, Networking or Support Group. To vote for The Social Media Consultancy please visit the What’s On 4 Me Awards website and click the Voting Link.

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What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Nominee – Denise Holliday

October 7, 2013

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I found out that I had kidney failure whilst pregnant with my daughter Georgina in 2005.  It was a huge shock for me and my family.  In 2007 a group of patients decided to form Doncaster & Bassetlaw Kidney Association (DaBKA) as a registered charity and have gone from strength to strength.  I have been a Trustee committee member and secretary of DaBKA from the start.

When Georgina was two, my kidneys failed and I had to start peritoneal dialysis at home four times during the day.  I then progressed to APD, dialysing for nine hours a night.  After PD was no longer suitable I went on to Haemodialysis in hospital three days a week, for four hours.  In February 2011, ‘the call’ came and I was fortunate to receive a kidney transplant.  The road after transplant has not been smooth and i have to take a cocktail of drugs every day but the difference to my life is amazing.  I can be a proper mum now and I enjoy life to the full, making the most of every minute.

I have campaigned to raise awareness of organ donation, and have done several interviews on local and national radio. I met Princess Anne when she came to open Doncaster dialysis unit.  As secretary of DaBKA, I have helped to organise and plan many local kidney patient days out, social events balloon launches and Christmas parties.

Being diagnosed and living with renal failure is often very frightening and sometimes isolating and I feel able to help other patients by sharing own experiences which will hopefully help and reassure fellow kidney patients.

When I found out that I had been nominated for a What’s On 4 Me Award I was overwhelmed.  Thank you to everyone who has voted for me, I really do appreciate it.

I hope that by reading this blog, if you believe in organ donation it has spurred you on to sign the register,  if just one person signs the register then I have achieved a small bit of what I set out to do.

Thank you to everyone who has voted for me, and for reading this blog, I really do appreciate it.

Denise x

Denise Holliday has been nominated in the category Volunteer of the Year. To vote for Denise please visit the What’s On 4 Me Awards website and click the Voting Link.

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What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Nominee – Doncaster & Bassetlaw Kidney Association

October 7, 2013

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Doncaster & Bassetlaw Kidney Association was formed in 2007 by a group of local Kidney Patients.  The charity has gone from strength to strength. Our main aim is to help and support all renal patients, their family and friends live with kidney disease.

We have organised patient days out, and had a most enjoyable day out at Bridlington.  Kidney patients in our area are give away free blood pressure monitors.  Monitoring your blood pressure is very important in kidney disease. We provide medical alert wristbands, information DVD’s for new patients.  Small grants are available to patients -so far we have awarded grants for laminate flooring, travel to out of town hospitals and kitchen appliences.  We try to hold social events throughout the year and our Christmas party is always a great success.  The ferret racing and townfield gala have proved most popular.  Every quarter we produce a newsletter.  Funds are raised by our great supporters by donations, Christmas raffles, balloon launches and selling Christmas cards.

We also fully support the organ donation campaign and promote organ donation as much as possible.

We are delighted to have been nominated and thank everyone for their continued support.

Alan Sutton, Chairman

Doncaster & Bassetlaw Kidney Association has been nominated in the category Best Community Fund Raising Group or Charity Group. To vote for Doncaster & Bassetlaw Kidney Association please visit the What’s On 4 Me Awards website and click the Voting Link.

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