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April 24, 2013

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What’s On 4 Me have scoured the web to bring you all the best ACTIVITY DISCOUNTS & FREEBIES all in one place, and we’re adding more each day ~ so follow this Blog and check back again soon!


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toptable diners reveal their top 25 most romantic UK restaurants

February 6, 2013

In anticipation of one of the most romantic days of the year, toptable, a leading consumer destination site for restaurant bookings in the UK along with its parent company, OpenTable, Inc. (NASDAQ: OPEN), revealed today their diners’ top 25 most romantic restaurants. The list reflects the combined opinions of approximately 400,000 reviews submitted by verified toptable diners for nearly 4,000 restaurants across the UK.

The top 25 shows French cuisine as the hot choice for romance ahead of Valentine’s Day this year, accounting for almost half of the list, while Italian and British are also proving popular romantic cuisines. Despite the growing popularity of Asian food amongst UK diners, there was no room for Chinese, Indian or Thai cuisine in the top 25, with the list consisting entirely of European restaurants.

“Romance can mean very different things to different people but a gorgeous meal, perfect service and warm atmosphere make for an undeniably romantic combination. Each of these restaurants offers a different romantic experience, but all are truly best of class,” said Lucy Taylor, head of restaurant relations at toptable.

“When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the top restaurants fill up quickly so it is always best to book early. However, many diners still wait until the last minute and plenty of availability can be found on Last year, almost 30% of bookings for Valentine’s Day were made on the 13th and 14th February,” she added.

Fred Sirieix, General Manager of Galvin at Windows, which was included on the list commented, “We are obviously delighted to be recognised as one of the most romantic restaurants. It is especially humbling knowing the distinction is based on diner reviews. We strive to create singular experiences for all our guests and when it comes to romance this quality is especially important.”

The top 25 romantic restaurants in the UK are generated from approximately 400,000 reviews collected from verified toptable diners between January 2012 and January 2013. All restaurants with a minimum “overall” score and number of qualifying reviews were included for consideration. Restaurants were then scored and sorted according to the percentage of qualifying reviews for which “romantic” was selected as a special feature.

toptable top 25 romantic restaurants in the UK:

Apsley’s A Heinz Beck Restaurant – London, Belgravia

Chapter One – Kent

Chez Bruce – London, Wandsworth

Clos Maggiore – London, Covent Garden

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal – London, Belgravia

Galvin at Windows – London, Mayfair

Galvin La Chapelle – London, Spitalfields

Gauthier Soho – London, Soho

Kendell’s Bistro –Leeds

L’ortolan – Reading

Petrus– London, Belgravia

Quantus Restaurant & Bar – London, Chiswick

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay – London, Chelsea

Roux at The Landau – London, Oxford Circus

Seven Park Place by William Drabble – London, Green Park

The Fat Duck – Bray

The French Table – Surbiton

The Greenhouse – London, Mayfair

The Grill at The Dorchester – London, Marble Arch

The Ledbury – London, Notting Hill

Theo Randall – London, Belgravia

Thirty Six by Nigel Mendham at DUKES LONDON – London, Green Park

Topes – Kent

Trinity – London, Clapham

Viajante – London, Bethnal Green

About toptable Reviews

The toptable reviews program helps diners find restaurants that best fit their dining occasions.  Diners who recently honoured a toptable reservation are invited via email to submit restaurant feedback using an online form. Visitors to toptable can access reviews for thousands of toptable restaurant partners across UK. The toptable reviews program has generated more than 2 million reviews by verified diners in the UK.

For more ideas about how to spend your Valetine’s Day and to wiin great Romantic Prizes see  

How well do you express yourself?

January 10, 2013

Our guest blog today comes from Nicci Talbot, a journalist, author, copywriter and editor of Rude Magazine. She specialises in health & wellness, sex & relationships.

I’ve just done the Hastings Mastery of Self-expression, an intensive weekend workshop for creativity and self-development. It was led by Christine Kimberley, an experienced actor/coach/presenter and draws from techniques used to train actors to express more of themselves and be more authentic in their work. The experience blew me away and I’ve been talking about it non-stop since. I’m not going to explain the processes involved because they won’t make much sense out of context but the combination of exercises, play and group energy is very powerful and facilitates change.

I’ve been flirting with the idea of doing the workshop for a while – friends have mentioned it so I went along to a taster event to find out more. I was a bit freaked out by the performance aspect (you need to prepare a two-minute piece, which is used as a vehicle during the workshop to help you express yourself). I’m not an actor but I do want to learn how to express myself more authentically, from the heart and to get over those nerves about public speaking so in the spirit of Susan Jeffers’ Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, I signed up. I was curious to find out how it could help my writing and desire to run workshops and salons on female sexuality, which is something I want to develop.

The weekend is a blank canvas so an opportunity to assess where you are and where you want to be, with the aim of bridging that gap. You will find out what holds you back and where you stop yourself. It also gives you a toolkit to help you cope with situations that might arise. I went into it as an individual focusing on my own dramas and I came out feeling supported by a group and in a more cohesive frame of mind. I learned that creativity is something that happens ‘out there’ between you and others rather than something that is locked inside, waiting to be released. We are naturally creative and we can choose whether to turn it on/off during the day.

Presenting something from your heart and gaining feedback and support on it is a powerful experience and one that stays ingrained in your muscle memory. So, when you come to do it again your body will remember the experience and won’t be phased by it. It’s about practice and it becomes more natural the more you do it.

Throughout the weekend I got several opportunities to ‘do myself differently’, which was freeing and exhilarating. It’s fun to work with a group to create something spontaneously and it made me realise I need to surrender and have more fun! Life can be a schedule of routines and I have various hats on so this realisation was important. I miss the freedom and joy of dancing so this is something I will make time for. How often do we give ourselves permission to play without agenda, as we did as children? Not often enough and it’s a vehicle for creativity.

I met some amazing people and it was a privilege to share their journey, hear their stories, and see them blossom as the weekend progressed. By Sunday evening I felt a massive shift in my perspective and energy levels. One of my goals (and this was reiterated by others) was a desire to feel bigger in the world and get myself out there with the work I’m doing. I experienced that feeling and it’s stayed with me since. I am fired up, open to opportunity and possibility, living in the moment and being more present. There’s less procrastination and guilt around money for a start. I have let go of the anxiety around that and am working on abundance and gratitude for what I do have.

I’m operating from the heart and keeping my emotions flowing – be it love, anger or need. I don’t want to block or repress my feelings because I know doing so has a negative impact on my physical health. I have had joint pain and arthritis for the past seven months and the physical release of emotion has improved my health. The mind-body connection is powerful so from that perspective the workshop gave me a physical detox as well as a mental one. I have found it easy to connect with people on a day-to-day level and am experiencing a sense of flow with my work, which is joyful.

Coming back to my worries around ‘presenting,’ I learned over the weekend that it’s not about acting or pretending to be someone else but about expressing yourself from the heart with feeling. That’s what inspires and moves people. That simplifies things and takes the pressure off I think. Watching people do this naturally and letting their defences down was inspiring and emotional. Christine is a natural and intuitive coach and knows instinctively how to get the best out of people.

By Sunday evening there was a big shift in the group energy. We were working as a team to nurture and support each other and I saw people blossom. I forged some strong emotional connections from the shared experience, which will stay with me forever and I know those people will be a continued support in the work I am doing.

Two weeks on, I feel clearer, focused, open and in touch with my emotions. I’ve come to terms with my anger and learned how to express it constructively rather than bottling it up. I am connecting well with others and have had several ideas about how to take my business forward. My health is better and I will continue working on that. I have taken the pressure off myself and am being less self-critical and kinder to myself. I am more present in my relationships and this has improved things between me and my daughter. Most of the time the dramas and tantrums are about wanting my undivided attention. Several people have told me I look great so I can see that people are attracted to my openness and energy.

The Mastery has had an impact on me on various levels – personally and professionally. I consider it a gift to myself and it has given me some practical tools to cope with whatever life brings up. I feel less anxious and have gained a sense of security in where I am and what I am doing. The workshop is an investment in yourself and I recommend it if you want to step things up a gear and work on whatever is holding you back.

Christine Kimberley runs taster evenings of The Mastery in Hastings and Eastbourne. Contact and

On the Edge, an anthology of Mastery leaders worldwide, compiled by Christine, is available to buy from her website.

Nicci Talbot can be contacted through Rude Magazine at

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