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Create MORE “Me Time” – meet the Roomba…! (bang on trend for our What’s On 4 Me fans!)

May 11, 2011

Roomba by iRobot

What an absolute treat it was to review the Roomba by iRobot!

This certainly is a vaccum with a difference!! Yes…it made light work of the front  room…*yawn yawn*…yes it cleaned around all of the edges…*yawn yawn*…yes it tackled the tiles and hardwood floor…*yawn yawn*… Hmmmm – sounds just like any over vacuum….

HOWEVER… I watched this vacuum from the comfort of my own couch!!

*** See the full review and Marilyn’s video here ***

The Roomba even “magically knew” (obviously by some form of technology!) where the dirty areas were and zipped over to those pronto…!

It is so good that Kevin McCloud mentioned the Roomba in his presentation at Grand Designs at the weekend – So i’m not the only fan!!

I now NEED one  and everyone should have one, because not only does it DO THE WORK FOR YOU, you can even program it to vaccum on specific days and times, so your vacuuming will be done when you’re out!! 

It’s the next best thing to having a cleaner and most definitely a product which genuinely gives you far more “Me Time”! 

Well done iRobot – bang on trend for our What’s On 4 Me fans! 

Marilyn 🙂

Spending our “Me Time” at Grand Designs LIVE London

May 9, 2011

We were invited by our special friend Rob at Media10 to come along to the Grand Designs LIVE London at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London and what a fantastic show it was.

Naomi Cleaver, George Clarke & my boys

All of the exhibitors brought inspiring ideas for the home and garden and more! Our boys were test-driving garden toys, playhouses, swings and garden beanbags.  We fawned over swimming pools, hot tubs, entertainment systems, glass houses, tree houses!  I meandered around the kitchen area, musing over equipment and out-of-this world technology, and then got “lost” in several demonstrations for juicing, mixing, chopping and peeling – coming home with a variety of eco-friendly and efficiency saving items for the kitchen! 

The interior design area was simply stunning and was jam-packed with ideas for just about everything!  I could have shopped till the cows came home! The designs, the technology, lighting, colours, patterns, layouts, prints, photos, furniture, statues – there was just so much to choose from! :O 

And, many people were carrying around their purchases – wooden giraffes, duck shaped lights, rugs – they possibly didn’t know that for a small fee for a VIP package they could’ve dropped their purchases off in the VIP lounge for safe keeping! 

How good is that ladies?!?!  Shop and drop….shop and drop…! 🙂

John Burton-Race Restaurant on site

For lunch we had a tasty treat at John Burton-Race’s Restaurant.  It’s brilliant that in the middle of busy, bustling day you can escape the hoards and sample delicious cuisine at the venue.   We had beef carpaccio for starters and delicious lamb for main, and I have to say it was on par with John Christoff-Nouvelli’s restaurant at Grand Designs LIVE Birmingham which we sampled last year.  We feel the restaurants are a real highlight and a chance to sample amazing food, so I’m very much looking forward to next year’s guest chef!   

Kevin McCloud and us

My husband, being an avid fan of Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs and George Clarke’s Renovation Man, spent most of his day watching the presentations and seminars – joining in the discussions and sniggering at Kevin’s references to saucy behaviour that he sneaked into his presentation!  (I didn’t get the full gist of what it was but I’ll report back on that!)

So, after a glass of champagne which were also complimentary with the VIP tickets, we finished off our wonderful day and headed back.

One other great thing that I should mention about the show which I personally find brilliant is the layout! I lose my bearings regularly, so tend to get anxious in large stadiums and venues!  However, radiating from the centre there are several “avenues” to each of the show areas – you’re completely unable to get lost and I confidently navigated every area knowing exactly where I was! 🙂

Thank you to Rob at Media10 for inviting us and click here to see other National Events.

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