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Cask Corner, Doncaster – What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Finalist

October 22, 2013

Cask Corner, Doncaster

What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Finalist

CASK CORNER LOGO 17.06.13Cask Corner first opened in 2011 under the patronage of Julie Buckley who’s mission statement was to promote Live Music in Doncaster; to both showcase and fuse young and old talent alike and to provide a platform for them to do this, to bridge the generation gap, to develop past and present musical influences and hone their musical skills, as well as to provide a stage for existing bands. They have achieved this by providing free rehearsal space, giving them an opportunity to perform either at Live and Gigging on a Tuesday, Open Mic on a Wednesday or a gig on a Friday or Saturday night. Also she wanted to make Live Music available to all, not charging an entry fee achieves this.

Julie “Very Rarely Wrong” Buckleys’ happy team consist of Adrian “Damaging Director” Daykin, Lorna “Mousekin” Buckley, Marc “I’m Off For My Sandwich” Jones, Phill “500 points in Scrabble “ Boguszewski, Alanah “Flirty” Flint, Becca “My Zips Stuck” Medley, Joie “It’s not my real name” Carruthers and Daniel “Dapper” Rowley.

Me and the girlsJulie was at Open Mic when she was informed that Cask Corner were finalists at the What’s On For Me Awards, several members of The Smoking Beagles and Groomlake Fugitives asked if they could come along to the awards. This ramshackle band of troubadours are a prime example of what she set out to achieve; the bands were formed by customers, friends and Open Mic attendees ageing from 25 to 53, they played their first gigs at Cask Corner with great success and went on to perform at T-Fest and are now a highly sought after bands.

cask corner photoAll Cask Corners events fit in with those in the Doncaster Community; many local bands performed there during Doncasters music festival MAPFest and they organised some great events for Doncasters first Steampunk weekend with a Music Hall Variety Show featuring lots of local talent. They also host Cask Fest twice a year with live music all day and night! In 2013 they were also proud to be invited to host a VIP tent at Tickhills’ first music festival, T-Fest which was a great success.

Getting to know the customers both in person and via social media is imperative to the Cask Corner team and a massive thank you goes out to all of them, the staff and the musicians for helping to make Cask Corner the great venue that it is.

Thank you, Julie

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What’s On 4 Me 2013 Awards Nominee – Gail Powell, The Solopreneur, South Yorkshire

August 19, 2013

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Gail close-up Photo - 2Gail Powell is the founder of The Solopreneur Ltd, a company set-up to help would-be authors to not only get that book written, but also to get it published.

There is no greater feeling than waking up each day and loving what you do for a living. Many people who decide to work for themselves often choose to turn their hobby into a business. If you are going to work for yourself then you may as well do something you know and enjoy.

However, the one challenge that new (and existing) business owners have is the ability to market what they have to offer 24/7. Being very good at what you do, enjoying your hobby is all well and good, but when a hobby becomes a business then new skills are required.

The new business owner will find they need to up-skill and that there is, of course, never enough time to do everything. When the solopreneur is busy then marketing is one of the first tasks that can go on the back burner. The problem is, however, that marketing in order to be successful is an ongoing activity meant to create a steady stream of interest and income. Picking up and trying to make sales immediately when a lull in sales occurs, is very difficult to achieve for any business. This ‘feast and famine’ cycle has seen many a small business suffer creating a great deal of stress for the business owner.

That is where Gail comes in because she can help any hobbyist/solopreneur to write and publish a book on their area of expertise. It is the one marketing tool that will demonstrate the author as the ‘go to’ person in their field. A quality well-written book will actively seek out new ‘fans’ and customers whilst the author sleeps. Add to that the passive income created from the sales of the book then this is the one must-have marketing tool for every solopreneur.

Gail is also a Life Coach, broadcaster, columnist, editor and author; combined with her years in multimedia and marketing, she is happy to help any author at any stage of their writing journey with advice and encouragement. Gail states that ‘there is no greater feeling than holding the first copy of your printed book in your hand. The sense of achievement is like no other, and having a book about you and your passion is the single best marketing tool a business owner will ever create.’

Gail has been nominated in the category Best Hobby to Business Support. To vote for Gail please visit the What’s On 4 Me Awards website and click the Voting Link.

If you want to keep updated and find out how to attend our glittering Awards Ceremony at Earls Court in November, as part of the Ideal Home Show at Xmas, then add your details here

Make 2013 Your Happiest and Healthiest Year Yet…!

January 16, 2013

Our guest blog today comes from Claire Moore, owner of ‘Believe & Achieve Retreat’ and ‘What’s On 4 Me’ national award winner in 2012 in the ‘Best Relaxation Activity, Retreat or Getaway Provider’ categoryImage

Forget quick –fix bootcamps. Believe & Achieve suggestion is that one of their weekend programmes that will start you on the first steps to changing your life. Described as ‘inspiring’ and ‘empowering’ by clients, each weekend is an exhilarating experience that will show you how to achieve optimum health & happiness.

Claire Moore explains “The foundation to all our retreats is health and happiness – and in order to achieve this we focus on 3 key areas:

Nutrition  –  Exercise  –  Goal setting and Developing a positive mind-set

Believe & Achieve offers three weekend retreats so you can find the one just right for you.

1) Healthy Living and Weight loss RImageetreat
Two days in the beautiful Peak District. Arriving at 9am on the Saturday you will experience a weekend crammed with fun and informative activities. This includes 2 fat burning sessions, 2 hikes and a canal walk. Food is fuel and the nutrition workshop helps to develop your understanding on what fuel is best for your body to ensure weight loss, increased energy levels and optimum health. Support is provided on meal planning along with recipe ideas and weekly menus. Two additional workshops develop your knowledge on effective goal setting looking in detail on how to set achievable short, medium and long term goals and then identify your plan of action. At Believe & Achieve will fully believe that anything is possible and will show you techniques on developing a positive mind-set in order for you to be confident that you can and will achieve your goals. Add to that great company, tasty filling food and a bucket load of fun we can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend!

2) Reclaim Your Health
Believe & Achieve are working with nutritional therapist Clare Shepherd from newlifenutrition delivering a retreat focused on health, vitality and wellbeing. 
This weekend is the start of a 7 day package.  We will provide you with a 7 day plan that follows a fruit and vegetable based diet full of cleansing enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  This programme will provide your cells with the essential nutrients required for increased energy and healing. Minimum digestion + maximum nutrition = a happier you!  

Staying with us for the first two days we will talk you through the cleanse step by step ensuring you are fully prepared to complete the remaining 5 days once home.
Along with gentle exercise, meditation, positivity workshops, holistic relaxation treatment and cookery lessons this weekend will enable you to relax, recover and recharge.
We only take 6 people on these retreats allowing each client their own private room.  

3) Power Your Performance
This is for all you gym buddies who want to push past that plateau and improve those personal bests!
Two full days on
•    Olympic weight lifting and the correct techniques
•    Programme design – get the most out of every gym session
•    Kettlebells – they burn fat and build muscle. Simple
•    Plyometric – improve performance and smash that plateau
•    Sandbag training
•    Nutrition workshop – food for optimum performance
•    Supplements – what, when, why.
•    Sports psychology – Focusing in & psyching out, develop a winning mind and evaluating performance
•    Recovery techniques

Up your knowledge and Power your Performance!
Includes 1 night stay at a Mecure St Pauls Hotel, Sheffield, all meals and full use of gym, pool and spa on Saturday evening.

For more details visit Believe & Achieve or contact Claire Moore on 0800 8498289 or

Make Your 2012 Plan!

January 23, 2012

New Year Resolutions not working out?  How about instead of making changes why not make improvements? Be a better you? Start the journey of being the YOU you know you can be, and want to be? Wow – there’s a thought!

Be honest with yourself because you know deep down that in the logical part of our hearts and mind, making changes that you don’t really want to isn’t going to work. When you change doing what you want to and what comes naturally – you’re going to be miserable and feel bad! So, how’s this for an idea….what about this January, instead of making all the new year’s resolutions like going to the gym, giving up smoking/drinking/chocolate, etc. etc…  Why not try something a bit different instead? What if you spent time working out what you can do to improve yourself instead of what you need to change? Instead of beating yourself with a stick for being and wanting all the things you think are wrong (but oh so nice) what about thinking about how you can be good to yourself throughout 2012? What would it feel like next Christmas to look back on all the things you’d done and achieved personally throughout the year?

Every January I set myself a challenge for the following year – and in the main I have achieved them – 2011 has been the year I learnt to swim underwater so I could be a proper swimming companion to my son. But now I want to take it one step further – this January I’m going to take the time and effort to make a detailed plan for 2012, something that will keep me focused, energised and motivated. I want to do something positive with my life every day, I want to be good to me, take care of myself and plan to achieve the things I know and believe I can, but as yet never have. There is no surprise that in the past I have
often not achieved my goals and dreams, generally because I’ve never gone about it in the right way.

I heard once about a lady who, through desperation, was forced to do something she never in her wildest dreams thought she could – her 4 year old Grandson got trapped under the wheels of her car when he was playing on the drive – no one’s fault, the handbrake cable just chose that moment to snap and a pleasant playtime with Grandma turned into a disaster. But you know what she did? She managed to lift the car just enough for her Grandson to free himself. In that moment of sheer emotion and panic she achieved more than she ever thought she could and happily her Grandson walked away with just a few bruises.  But, once she was over the shock and all the attention died down she began to think about all the times in her life when she had wanted to do something but hadn’t simply because she didn’t think she could. Maybe she wanted to do or buy something that was too expensive, time consuming, or difficult – that she wasn’t able because she wasn’t clever enough, brave enough, young enough, or old enough. She thought about how her life would have been different if she had applied that same negative logic when she tried to save her Grandson – the outcome didn’t bear thinking about.

But what if she had put half of that belief and determination into achieving some goals in her life – what might her life have been like? A journalist who had heard about the incident asked to interview her and he was interested to know why she seemed so subdued and reflective about her act of heroism. She explained that she felt she had missed out on so much in her life because of her limited belief in herself and her abilities. He asked her what sort of things she had wanted to do and she told of how she had always wanted to study for and achieve a degree and then lecture at university – the excuse she had for everything now of course what that she was too old, she was 70. The journalist said very simply to her that in 5 years’ time she was going to be 75, and that she could be 75 with a degree, or she could be 75 without a degree – the choice was hers.

And the same goes for all of us. This time next year when we’re getting ready for Christmas 2012 we have the choice now of being able to reflect on a year that has seen achievements, successes and positivity. We can achieve what we want to – everyone has the ability to reach their dream, but let’s not wait for an accident to happen for us to test our metal and show us what we are made of.

Let’s start planning now to realise those dreams, goals and ambitions. I know I want to look back on my life – when I am old and grey, and know that I have never let my limiting belief in myself or the limiting beliefs that others have, effect what I have done. To every problem or barrier there is a solution, it’s just a case of finding it.

Remember the 5 Ps – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
So be good to yourself, make a plan for 2012 that is the first step to achieving what you want to, that you know you are capable of and what you dream of.

To see my 2012 plan and to download my free report which include a template for your own New Year 2012 plan visit my ‘Girlie Gatherings’ website.
Bring on 2012!!!

Julie Hampshire

Beware New Year Resolutions!

January 4, 2012


Beware New Year Resolutions!

If you are still trying to stick to yours, or still deciding whether you should set yourself one – a New Year Resolution that is…!  Read on for tips on how to plan to succeed with your goals from Lorraine Hall of Chiave Training & Development.

The New Year always brings out the need to make changes in our lives as part of the ‘New Year, New Me’ process and we avidly set about setting New Year resolutions.




Resolutions are where we resolve to do things differently e.g. Stop smoking, lose weight, change career, but resolutions are not goals hence the lack of success in achieving the changes we want.


Part of the failure to achieve and fulfil our resolutions is due to too many big changes implemented in one go.


For example we resolve to be healthy and on the first of January we join a gym, give up chocolate, stop drinking and give up smoking. This really is the road to failure and you can guarantee you’ll be back on the booze with a cigarette in one hand and a chocolate in the other by midnight, resolutions out the window and the feeling of failure hanging over our heads like a huge cloud of doom.


So what can we do to change our health, life, career or any other aspect of our lives that isn’t what we want?


Here are some tips to help you make effective and long lasting change in your life.


1. Identify one thing that you really want to change

– to help you do this write down ten things you are aren’t happy with in your life, you may find some of these have the same theme, so group them in one category. Look at your list and number them in order of priority. Take the top three and decide which of these is the REAL priority.

2. The next stage is to decide when you will achieve it by

– Be REALISTIC. Losing a stone in 3 weeks is not realistic. Set a date that is realistic and achievable.

3. Visualise your situation having achieved your goal on the date you have given

– What does it look like? What does it feel like?

Allow yourself a few minutes to fully see and feel what achieving your goal is like.


4. Write your goal down and identify at least fifteen different actions which will help you

to achieve your goal – Write everything down that comes into your head, it doesn’t matter how ridiculous your ideas may seem, write them down.

5. At this point take a break

– do something different for five to ten minutes and then come back to your actions list.

6. Review your action list and identify 3 actions that you want to keep

– Cross out the other items and prioritise the actions you want to keep 1 – 3. These are the three actions you are going to implement into your life.

7. Implement your actions – Action 1: implement this week, decide on a date and time.


Action 2: implement within two weeks, decide on a date and time, and Action 3: implement within a month, decide on a date and time.


Setting small, measurable, achievable, realistic, timed (SMART) targets within a set time period will improve your chances of success.


8. You now have an action plan to be implemented over a short time period.

Your goal is clear and you have a clear vision of what the changes will look like by your achievement date.

9. Write it down – Write all the dates you have identified for implementing actions and your achievement date in your diary.


10. JDI – now you have an action plan Just Do It!

– On the way to achieving your goal life happens, small set backs will occur, that’s life.

Keep your visualisation of success at the forefront of your mind when the going gets tough.


If you want it, you can have it; it’s up to you to make the change.


Good luck!


For support and advice on achieving your goals visit Chiave Training’s listing on What’s On 4 Me!

Lorraine Hall


How To Create A Website That Works!

November 7, 2011

Win a Ticket to a Business Transformation Workshop Or One-month’s Online Marketing Coaching Programme with Gail Powell (Worth over £200!) Enter here>>>

Gail Powell, solopreneur & advertiser on South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me, has shared with us her ‘Top Tips’ in creating a website that will attract more clients & customers …and more business! 

The biggest single mistake that many small businesses owners make when creating a website is the ‘build it and they will come syndrome!’ Many believe a presence on the web is all that is needed to get business to come pouring in, but when this does not happen many are left wondering what is wrong with their website.

‘I just don’t understand it!’ I hear on a regular basis ‘I have made sure that my site looks good and there are details about me; my qualifications, my email and telephone number, but still I am not getting any business from my site?’

If this sounds familiar then you have what is called a ‘store front’ website. It looks great but the only way to access you is to either call you or email something many potential customers or clients will not do from a first, second or often even a third visit.

So how do you create a website that works?

  • Firstly, you need to make it easy for people to find out about you and your services
  • Then you need to offer a solution to their problem without them first having to call you
  • You then need to create a very easy first step to access you passively
  • Then grow multiple relationships over time so you are ready to sell to your customer when they are ready to buy

The right website leads visitors to action and allows your potential client to access you passively and in their own time.

There are very simple and easy steps to take to ensure that your web-site really works for you.

What do you need to do?

  • Provide a CHOICE of ways to access YOU
  • Not expect visitors to pick up a phone or email in the first instance
  • Make it easy for your visitors ACT passively
  • Let them get to know you from a distance
  • Invest in your relationship with your customers
  • And then… the sales will come pouring in.

If you want to know EXACTLY how to apply these very easy steps to your website and get more customers or clients then go to – and download Gail’s free audio tips.

Also, don’t forget to enter our competition on What’s On 4 Me before the 12th November 2011 to win a place on Gail’s half day Business Transformation Workshop where you will learn all the top tips first hand leaving with a step-by-step guide on how to get a website that really works for your business; increasing both your sales and income.

Donny Girls Do It On Chairs!

August 18, 2011

Stop the press! Burlesque Chair Dancing has finally come to Doncaster!!

What is Burlesque Chair Dancing?

Burlesque Chair Dance is a brand new form of dance fitness available to all ladies in the Doncaster area. A blend of burlesque, cabaret and modern dancing, the moves are cheeky & sexy and designed to boost confidence and self esteem in women whilst at the same time getting that essential weekly workout that we all dread!

Cleverly disguised within the routines as cheeky dance moves are a variety of resistance and toning exercises to build muscular strength and endurance and develop the cardiovascular system. The average lady can burn up to 500 calories per class whilst losing weight, having fun and making new friends.

Alongside our weekly classes we also have our Cabaret Team who perform our routines at local events, fundraisers and private parties. We support a local band Saint Harlot and have recently performed with them at a Harley Davidson rally. We also have our annual shows where all of our dancers perform routines for friends and families at a twice a year ticket only event. Every dancer has the opportunity to join our Cabaret Team at any time, but of course this is purely optional.

We regularly organise out of class activities for our members such as photo shoots, evenings out and organised events to promote the group. Many of our ladies have benefited highly from our range of services and below are just a few examples from some of our members;

  • Rosie joined the group in July 2010 suffering from acute anxiety and depression, to begin with even leaving the house and coming to one class a week was a challenge as meeting new people in a new environment was very stressful for her. Rosie took to class incredibly well and enjoyed herself and her new friends so much that she soon signed up to two classes a week. After six months she joined our Cabaret Team and began performing with us at a variety of shows, events and parties. Rosie is currently being trained up as an Assistant Instructor, she has started a part time college course and dropped a dress size. Rosie is now a confident, approachable and much more out-going lady who is also now looking forward to returning to the workplace in the near future – watch out employers here comes Rosie!
  • Kim was a size 22 and started coming to class with the pure intention of losing weight for her trip to Florida this year. She participated in all our classes alongside a healthy diet and left Manchester airport a size 14! Kim hates exercise but loves to chair dance, saying she doesn’t even class it as exercise its so much fun.
  • Dorothy is in her 50’s and a member of our Cabaret Team, she enjoys dressing up for photo shoots and performing at dance events – she tells her husband she’s at the garden centre!

We have been offering our cheeky workout for exactly one year now and have very quickly expanded from one to four classes a week across the Doncaster area.

Tuesday 7.30 – 8.30pm – Woodfield Social Club, Woodfield Road, Balby, DN4 8HL

Wednesday 6.30 – 7.30pm & 7.45 – 8.45pm Benefit Pole Fitness Studios, King Avenue, Rossington DN11 0PF

Thursday 7.15 – 8.15pm Bentley Pavilion, Askern Road, Bentley, DN5 0HU

We want to offer our classes to every woman in Doncaster, so if you are above the age of 16 and looking to add some excitement into your life come on down and join us. We dance barefoot and on a normal class night leggings and a t-shirt are just fine……………………fishnets are optional!

For any additional information please call 07891292659 and ask for Donna or check the for more details!


Can your business meet the “Star Business Challenge” in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support?

August 11, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday!!

Our South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me region are proud to report that supporters of across South Yorkshire have been celebrating the charities 100th Birthday by arranging a series of events across the city.

Two major local fundraisers include Fancie and Nabarro have joined the challenge! Nabarro are one of the companies who signed up to the Star Business Challenge which aims to find 100 companies to raise at least £100,000 to support Macmillan. Forty-two firms have signed up so far raising more than £45,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support – with a further £48,000 pledged.

Any firms interested in signing up for the Business Challenge should call 01246 810 301 or email

Sheffield-based law firm, Nabarro marked Macmillan’s milestone birthday by handing over a cheque of nearly £12,000!!  The company has raised over £20,000 in 2011 so far, Chris Chambers, a partner from the firm, explains, “Our main fundraising event was our annual charity ball and we also entered a large team to run for Macmillan in the Sheffield Half Marathon.
We will also support Macmillan events throughout the year such as the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and Go Green for Halloween.”

Fancie joined in the celebrations by creating a giant cupcake mosaic which measured 6ft x 10.5ft.  The team arranged for cupcakes to be decorated by customers to create the mosaic!  For making a donation to Macmillan each person was shown how to decorate a cupcake and placed it on the Mosaic, they were also treated to a delicious mini cupcakes created especially for the  charity.

The Sheffield-based company which has three stores across the city has already raised over £2000 for Macmillan Cancer Support by selling a special cupcake in aid of Macmillan for 100 days.

But Macmillan is keen for more local businesses to get involved. Area Manger, Steve Loane said, “Figures show that four in ten people will now be affected by cancer which means the support of companies like Nabarro has never been more important to Macmillan.”

To support your local Charity Fundraising events, please see

Any firms interested in signing up for the Business Challenge should call 01246 810 301 or email


Have you tried out the new look Little Chef?

July 28, 2011

Bev O’Sullivan was recently asked to review her local Little Chef in Doncaster, which – along with many across the UK – has undergone a major makeover.

“I was amazed…! As I have only visited previously for the famous ‘Early Starter’ breakfast, I was yesterday treated to Suet Crust Steak & Ale Pie… What a transformation!”

“I went to the Little Chef in Doncaster at 6.30pm yesterday with my husband and 3 children (9, 5 & 2) and we thought it was fantastic.

We have only ever used Little Chef for breakfast in the past and we were very impressed with the new design – very clean and open, and it was lovely to see the cooks working.

The restaurant wasn’t very busy (only 2-3 other tables in use) and we were welcomed and shown to a booth immediately by Jacqui.  The children were given their menus and crayons and a drinks order was taken within a few minutes.

Jacqui came back to take our order after around 5-10 mins, she was very helpful and very chatty with the children.

The food arrived within around 15 mins and we had 5 completely finished plates!! I had the steak & ale pie – very tasty, and I make a mean one myself so this is high praise… My husband had the ‘hot pot of the day’, which was chicken and he thought it was delicious. My two boys (9 & 2) had the bangers and my daughter had the ‘slurpy spaghetti’. It’s always nice to see the children finish their meals.

They were rewarded with ice creams, which were probably a bit too big for the 2 youngest ones, but they had a good go at polishing them off! I had a classic pancake with lemon & sugar, which was a lovely treat.

The bill came to £45, which wasn’t too bad for a family of five including drinks and puddings. Yes, you can get slightly cheaper meals on the road, but we had 5 big portions and wouldn’t have  felt as full if we had had a Big Mac & Fries that’s for sure…

All in all, I would definately recommend Little Chef, the service was exceptional, the restaurant at Doncaster is well thought out and is quite a chilled place to eat overlooking the countryside (as it faces away from the A1), there is even a nice deck outside with tables & chairs for you to just stop and have a relaxing drink before continuing your journey.”

If you would like What’s On 4 Me to review your service or product, please email  

See our other reviews – 4 You Reviews 

ATTENTION!! Its time to get fit and that’s an order!!

June 23, 2011

South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me brings you an inisight into Doncaster’s Military Fitness Training!!

Doncaster is now one of numerous Cities and Towns in the UK that offer this chance to get fit, fitter and meet new people.  It is challenging, fun and it’s real life ALL MILITARY training!!

The Company is run by Jon Reynolds. He is a retired Army Captain and ex-Paratrooper with 6 years leadership experience. He has served overseas, most recently in Afghanistan and he hopes to share his experience and skills with the people of Doncaster.

Doncaster College for the Deaf holds your opportunity to shed the spare tyre effect, create a new you and feel more physically confident. Sessions run on Monday and Wednesday evening 7-8pm and Saturday morning 9-10 am. The Company also runs Women only training and Endurance events.

The session is lead by Ex-Military staff who are now qualified personal training instructors.  They promise to deliver results with their uncompromising military style!! The sessions are aimed at all abilities and participants will be put into a group that meets their fitness level. Taking place on the grass playing fields, the hour long outdoor session will incorporate abdominal, leg and arm exercises all punctuated by an amount of running.

Andy Peace from Analogue Electrical says: “Jon’s methods are brilliant and the constant change of routine throughout the weekly sessions has to be commended. Jon’s other instructors are all of a high quality and bring their own individual methods along which again is a great change from the normal treadmill bashing gym sessions.”

[Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing such as sweater, t-shirt, jogging bottoms/shorts, cross country running shoes and most importantly to bring a bottle of water (and a sense humour).]

For further information regarding the Military Fitness classes visit South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me


If you would like to inspire our fans with your Events and Classes please email

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