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Top #10 Ways to BEAT the WINTER Blues….

November 22, 2011

During the Winter months, your sleep patterns, energy levels and mood usually change and you may already be feeling low during these long periods of grey days.

However, see our tips below for how you can start to BEAT your WINTER blues! 

Be warm – don’t make things worse by being cold!! Dress for the season and buy uplifting, bold colours for your winter wardrobe – especially your hats and scarves!

Enjoy the Winter season – remember when you were a kid – what did you love most about Christmas?  Make a list of 5 Festive Season things you’ll really look forward to this year – “Making Footprints in the Snow”, “The Smell of Warm Mince Pies”, “Watching The Snowman”… 

Always leave major projects until next year – don’t start anything stressful now – just focus on YOU – this is YOUR Christmas and you’re going to enjoy it!  See What’s On in your area and put your calendar together!

Try to get a good sleep pattern – sleep increases your serotonin levels and helps you maintain a healthy eating pattern, and it takes years off your face!


Walk – Sunlight reduces your sleepy melatonin levels – by getting outside & taking a short walk each day you’ll feel more alert and awake throughout the day (find a walking group near you

Inside – and if you have to be inside – open the curtains and allow as much light in as possible.  Sit near windows when you can to give yourself an extra boost of sunlight

No unnecessary stress – plan NOW for Christmas – all the presents, meals and social occasions need some planning, so do it now.  And learn the all-important relaxation techniques for if plans go awry (see our Yoga & Meditation Feature)

Take regular, moderate exercise or physical activity, especially in a social group to boost your seratonin levels – even 10 mins each day can give you a boost to last all day (see to see what’s on in your area)

Eat a well-balanced diet.  Feel full, but not bloated and make sure you get all your bug-defending vtamins & minerals!

Redecorate your home in light colours – put the dark cushion covers away and make way for some yellows and gold a reflect the little bursts of sunlight around your room.  Make sure in the evening you use subtle lighting just before bed to induce a feeling of relaxation just before bedtime.

Start making changes NOW – and you’ll BEAT those WINTER blues!  And for what’s on in your local area over the Festive Season see

Nottinghamshire What’s On 4 Me is here!!

August 2, 2011

What’s On 4 Me introduces our latest region and owner, Heather Carroll

“Hi, I’m Heather, the What’s On 4 Me NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Franchisee and it is my mission to bring you all of the local activities, classes and events that are happening around the region.

I’m a single mum, with a beautiful (and headstrong!) 8 year old daughter. When I’m not operating “mum’s taxi” to ferry her to her many clubs and activities, or running three businesses from home, I still try to find some “me” time to meet new people and do the things I enjoy. I love the theatre and am involved in amateur dramatics and I have recently rediscovered Modern Jive dancing, which is very addictive!

Finding local activities and events you would like to take part in can often be difficult and time consuming and this is what inspired me to take on the Nottinghamshire What’s On 4 Me site.

This brand new website from the What’s On 4 family is dedicated to adults of all ages, from all walks of life, with interests as diverse as you can imagine. The website quickly shows the classes, groups, activities and events in NOTTINGHAMSHIRE that YOU can be involved with. Now there’s no excuse not to have a fantastic social life!!

So, why not do a search and find out what you can join in with! You may be very surprised to see What’s On 4 You!

I really hope you enjoy using the site as much as we do and if like me you would like to work from home, have a strong Telesales background and want to create a better work / life balance, then please email me for our list of work-from-home Telesales opportunities.”

Heather Carroll, Nottinghamshire What’s On 4 Me (


If you’re interested in running What’s On 4 Me in your region and enjoying a work-from-home business, then email me now

Party in the Park!! Making the most of your “Me Time”!

July 19, 2011

What’s On 4 Me Joined the Crowds in Peasedown St John to celebrate Party in the Park!!

Guest Blog by Diane Francis

Bristol & Somerset What’s On 4 Me

The community of Peasedown St John, near Bath in Somerset gathered to celebrate the third Party in the Park on Saturday 16 July 2011 which has been labelled as the biggest event in its calendar.

Party in the Park was launched in 2009 by Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis, who opened the event, and in that time has seen thousands of people flocking to Beacon field to enjoy live music, fete stalls and activities.

Despite the blustery, wet weather people turned out in force to support the community celebration, including 39 stall owners from organisations and charities across the area.

The event was set up by a group of residents who wanted to create a greater sense of community in the village. Residents who attended the festival said they felt this is what the event had really achieved.

Jo Drywood, who has recently set up her own craft business called Dolly Daydream from her home in the village, went to the event last year and was inspired to set up a stall this year. She said: “I saw how busy it was last year and there were lots of activities and a really good feel. I started doing my own stuff and thought it would be good for me to come along. I love it here and there is a really good atmosphere and lots of stalls. It brings people to the village and it brings lots of different people together.”

Saturday’s festival saw five bands performing on the stage in the Beacon Field including Midsomer Norton band BlackJakk and South West duo Metson. We also saw a fabulous display by a local majorette group and some Zumba-enthusiasts got everyone in the party mood!

Thousands of pounds were raised at last year’s event, which was attended by nearly 3,000 people but much more is expected to be raised from Saturday’s celebration. The majority of the money will go towards funding next year’s festival, but some has been set aside to be injected back into the community.

Visit What’s On 4 Me to find more National Events in 2011


How to become a Reiki Practitioner…

May 30, 2011

** Guest Blog – Susan Smalley **

** Reiki Master & Teacher **

** Regular guest on BBC Radio Newcastle Breakfast Show **

What happens at a Reiki Healing Level I Attunement?
Reiki Healing is a gentle form of channelling of natural healing energies, following the Japanese Dr. Usui disciplines and theory. When you undergo the attunement (blending with the power) it is reportedly different for everybody, but the main emphasis will be on cleansing your life of all the things that you no longer need. Diet, health, exercise and learning how to use the Reiki Energy will most likely be the focus for the first six months after your attunement.

You will never stop learning, and the attunement is only the first step in your healing process. Once you have become accustomed to the Reiki energy and use it for healing yourself as well as others, you will be amazed at the personality changes that occur in yourself as you begin to look inward and really get to know yourself like you never have before!

My own experience saw many changes not only within myself, but to those who were around me! Many of my students have reported major changes in their relationships, communication, confidence, money, career, friendships, family relations, clarity of mind, and of course, in their physical health, emotional wellbeing, and mental balance.

Who would not wish to have this potential for change at their very fingertips?  Training is only one day, with a follow-up session after 21 days.

You receive a Reiki Healing Level I Manual to assist you in your learning, and also you are taught the whole Reiki Healing procedure. In addition, you receive a full Reiki Healing session after a Meditation session with me. I love training others and sharing the Reiki history and power. Join me, and see the changes for yourself.

Reiki Level 1 Training & Certificate is £120.00
Once completed and sufficient practical experience is gained in helping yourself and others you can then make the commitment if you wish to go onto the
Reiki Level II Training & Certificate £130.00
Where you will be given the three ancient power symbols to use in your Reiki Healing. Once the day’s training is complete, and a second appointment to discuss your progress has been undertaken, a Certificate will be issued to you, which enables you to work as a Reiki Practitioner with the general public. You need this Certificate in order to obtain your Public Liability & Personal Indemnity Insurance, by Law when you begin your pathway of helping the general public.

Should you find yourself dedicated to Reiki Healing – you may wish to further enhance your knowledge and experience, in order to train others. The Reiki Master Teacher Training is very enjoyable, and along with the theory, you will gain lots of experience in a practical sense.
Reiki Master/Teacher Level £300.00
(you will have to present your certificates and lineage to prove your training in Reiki if you have previously completed your Levels I and Levels II).

Thank you to Susan for Inspiring our What’s On 4 Me Fans!  Susan is also qualified in Personal Development Coaching, Psychic Mediumship & Spiritual Mediumship Development Teaching,  Meditation Coaching – more information can be found on What’s On 4 Me

If you would like to Guest Blog on What’s On 4 Me to inspire our fans then contact us now

Create MORE “Me Time” – meet the Roomba…! (bang on trend for our What’s On 4 Me fans!)

May 11, 2011

Roomba by iRobot

What an absolute treat it was to review the Roomba by iRobot!

This certainly is a vaccum with a difference!! Yes…it made light work of the front  room…*yawn yawn*…yes it cleaned around all of the edges…*yawn yawn*…yes it tackled the tiles and hardwood floor…*yawn yawn*… Hmmmm – sounds just like any over vacuum….

HOWEVER… I watched this vacuum from the comfort of my own couch!!

*** See the full review and Marilyn’s video here ***

The Roomba even “magically knew” (obviously by some form of technology!) where the dirty areas were and zipped over to those pronto…!

It is so good that Kevin McCloud mentioned the Roomba in his presentation at Grand Designs at the weekend – So i’m not the only fan!!

I now NEED one  and everyone should have one, because not only does it DO THE WORK FOR YOU, you can even program it to vaccum on specific days and times, so your vacuuming will be done when you’re out!! 

It’s the next best thing to having a cleaner and most definitely a product which genuinely gives you far more “Me Time”! 

Well done iRobot – bang on trend for our What’s On 4 Me fans! 

Marilyn 🙂

Spending our “Me Time” at Grand Designs LIVE London

May 9, 2011

We were invited by our special friend Rob at Media10 to come along to the Grand Designs LIVE London at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London and what a fantastic show it was.

Naomi Cleaver, George Clarke & my boys

All of the exhibitors brought inspiring ideas for the home and garden and more! Our boys were test-driving garden toys, playhouses, swings and garden beanbags.  We fawned over swimming pools, hot tubs, entertainment systems, glass houses, tree houses!  I meandered around the kitchen area, musing over equipment and out-of-this world technology, and then got “lost” in several demonstrations for juicing, mixing, chopping and peeling – coming home with a variety of eco-friendly and efficiency saving items for the kitchen! 

The interior design area was simply stunning and was jam-packed with ideas for just about everything!  I could have shopped till the cows came home! The designs, the technology, lighting, colours, patterns, layouts, prints, photos, furniture, statues – there was just so much to choose from! :O 

And, many people were carrying around their purchases – wooden giraffes, duck shaped lights, rugs – they possibly didn’t know that for a small fee for a VIP package they could’ve dropped their purchases off in the VIP lounge for safe keeping! 

How good is that ladies?!?!  Shop and drop….shop and drop…! 🙂

John Burton-Race Restaurant on site

For lunch we had a tasty treat at John Burton-Race’s Restaurant.  It’s brilliant that in the middle of busy, bustling day you can escape the hoards and sample delicious cuisine at the venue.   We had beef carpaccio for starters and delicious lamb for main, and I have to say it was on par with John Christoff-Nouvelli’s restaurant at Grand Designs LIVE Birmingham which we sampled last year.  We feel the restaurants are a real highlight and a chance to sample amazing food, so I’m very much looking forward to next year’s guest chef!   

Kevin McCloud and us

My husband, being an avid fan of Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs and George Clarke’s Renovation Man, spent most of his day watching the presentations and seminars – joining in the discussions and sniggering at Kevin’s references to saucy behaviour that he sneaked into his presentation!  (I didn’t get the full gist of what it was but I’ll report back on that!)

So, after a glass of champagne which were also complimentary with the VIP tickets, we finished off our wonderful day and headed back.

One other great thing that I should mention about the show which I personally find brilliant is the layout! I lose my bearings regularly, so tend to get anxious in large stadiums and venues!  However, radiating from the centre there are several “avenues” to each of the show areas – you’re completely unable to get lost and I confidently navigated every area knowing exactly where I was! 🙂

Thank you to Rob at Media10 for inviting us and click here to see other National Events.

From Coast to Mountain (and back) in a Beer Glass!

May 6, 2011

Newspapers spot What's On 4 Me's Judge Brian at Doncaster Beer Festival

Brian from South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me, recently judged ales at the Doncaster Beer Festival and here’s what he reports back…

The theme of this year’s Doncaster CAMRA Beer Festival was COAST & MOUNTAIN. A quest, not so much for the perfect pint, but a CELEBRATION of all the finest beers…

Well it was worth the wait, and required a reasonable recovery time (for ‘s resident publandlord), as the 21st Doncaster CAMRA Beer Festival was a resounding success. DoncasterCollege’s Hub campus was an excellent TAP ROOM for the estimated 2,500 people in attendance throughout the Festival. Afterall, a venue of prominence and stature was a prerequisite to house more than 100 cask ales including milds, stouts, porters, ciders and pale ales. And that is before we made a start at the continental bar featuring beers from around the globe.

With beer tokens in hand we approached, to all intense purposes, the Hadrians wall of Doncaster constructed from a seemingly infinite line of casks…

This blogger had a lips smacking sense of anticipation as we started our ‘tour’naturally with the whatson4me sponsored Impy Dark fromBrampton.  An excellent introduction laced with the aroma and flavours of roasted coffee and chocolate.

Now with the serious business of judging to follow it was time to sit down with fellow panellists, a plate of dry crackers and some still water (to clean the palate) and some last minute guidance from CAMRA Pubs ‘ officer Bob Kiddle .

Serious, professional business this beer tasting – the lengths the Whatson4me Team go to…

Faced with 9 Golden Ales of various hues we set to work with gay abondon – that is to say, we started to drink. The beer flowed, the chatter was colourful and the bonhomie magnificent…

Seriously we should all make this a regular part of our social diary, be it at CAMRA festivals or simply amongst friends.

This is the way to partake in sampling everything from ‘Spanked Monkey IPA’ to ‘Mrs Simpsons Thriller in Manilla’  or ‘Gecko To Nose You’ and ‘The Codrington Codger’, Doncaster’s own ‘Zigger Zagger’ courtersy of the Toad Brewery, the delightful ‘Lucinda’s Lager’ (not just for the ladies) and one of your blogger’s personal favourites; ‘ Scratty Ratty’…. 

I could go on… but this year’s winners were:

Best Bitter of the Festival and Overall Beer of the Festival – Skinners Keel Over

Speciality Beer- Isle of Avalon Willow’s Raspberry Ripple

Golden Ale – Townhouse Enigma

Mild – Isle of Avalon Jake’s Mild 

Porter – Elland 1872 Porter

Bitter – Mallinsons Europa

Stout – Two Roses Black Beauty

So with the ‘professional’ duties duly fulfilled it was time to make a start on my favourite corner of the festival. No not the succulent morsels from the HUB’s food counters , or the live music stage with excellent local bands, or the kids/family area, but the CONTINENTAL BAR.

This ‘taster’ had stepped up the ante to enter those legendary beerhalls ofValhalla!

After all to enjoy the ‘Mirabelle’ a 3.5% plum flavoured lambic fromBelgiumto theSierra Nevada’Bigfoot Barley Wine Ale’ @ 9.6% introduces new extremes of fine beer appreciation.

This was a great event for everyone (ages, shapes & sizes), a clean and efficient venue with lots of friendly people.

The presence in the crowd of such a wide age range, from young to slightly more mature, and the high proportion of the fairer looking sex truly made this a festival to revisit.

Watch out for more CAMRA events in your locALE by visting

Its time to hail the ale and cheer the beer…

April 14, 2011

Doncaster is the HUB of the beer world this weekend (April 14-16) as the College, known as The Hub, hosts Doncaster CAMRA’s 21st Beer Festival.   A truly International beer jamboree, there will be a pint to tickle everyones taste buds, from domestic milds, stouts, porters and pale ales to the Continental Beer Bar (over 30 beers from across the globe).  Great food, live music throughout the festival and a family area on Friday and Saturday (until 6pm).

This is a MUST EVENT for people across South Yorkshire

JUDGING PANEL!! – It’s all about the flavour though and our intrepid team are stepping up to the plate. It took some arm twisting but we relented and are taking on the mantle of Pub Landlord! 

We are putting our tasting skills to the test as we are graciously volunteering to act as part of the judging panel for the festival.  Now this is a serious act as up to 10 beers per category will have to be enjoyed, erm…, I mean professionally analysed, critiqued and judged.

So while everyone out there is enjoying a leisurely Thursday evening, partaking in one’s own favourite pastimes…pause a moment and think of those of us striving to select the finest of beers from amongst the world’s finest offerings… 🙂

Just imagine all that refreshing beer…

Watch  this space…for a post-Beer Festival update!

Brian (South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me)

Wow what a 6 months it’s been!!

April 13, 2011

Wow what a 6 months it’s been!!

If you asked me this time last year where my life would be now, I think I’d have probably said I’d be doing the same old job, with the same old people, and doing the same old things in my spare time. In short, I was BORED!! I was looking for a new challenge and a chance to get more involved in my local community.

When I discovered What’s On 4 Me last Autumn I became really excited by the possibilities and realised it was exactly what I was looking for. It was a chance to run my own business putting all my experience into a venture I felt passionate about and a chance to work with some fabulous and inspirational women.

When I signed the franchise contract for What’s On 4 Me Bristol & Somerset on 1 November 2010 it was one of the best moments of my life, and I had no idea at that time, that I was going to experience many more highlights over the next few months!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s been hard work, with mistakes made and lessons learnt along the way but now that the site is firmly established in the local community, with visitor and advertiser numbers increasing every day, I have never enjoyed “work” so much!

I’ve lived in Bath since September 2000 and I thought I knew the Bristol & Somerset region well. How wrong I was!!! There is so much more to do in our region than I thought possible!! One night you could be at an adult learning class getting help with developing your first novel, the next you could be learning how to Tribal Bellydance, and at the weekend you could be heading to a Medieval Banquet!!

What’s On 4 Me is giving me a whole new world to discover and the best bit is, it’s all right on my doorstep!

Diane Francis (Bristol & Somerset What’s On 4 Me)

South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me has arrived!!

March 10, 2011

Another Franchise has been sold in the South Yorkshire region and Bev O’Sullivan is the very proud owner!  Bev brings Travel and Tourism experience and local business experience to the What’s On 4 Me Team – and you can read her biography on line on the South Yorkshire What’s On 4 Me site.


We’re very pleased to have another Franchise on board and Bev is working at tremendous speed and her website is almost 90% ready after only a few short hours of training – I have been astounded at how quick her web development has happened!

Good luck to Bev and her partner Brian who is fully on board too with the South Yorkshire Franchise and we’ll all be keeping an eye on developments in the region!

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