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YogaBellies tame the Dragons’

August 30, 2013

Mum of one and founder of YogaBellies® Cheryl MacDonald, along with her husband and pregnant YogaBellies teacher, Sophie Keil will appear on Dragons’ Den this coming Sunday. The den falls into unusual serenity when this Glasgow couple demo their women’s yoga franchise….

Picture2The busy mum and author of the recently published Birth ROCKS, started YogaBellies after the birth of her son three years ago. Cheryl hoped to combine her passion for Yoga with that of being a mother. “Being pregnant and giving birth to my son was the most amazing time of my life,” Cheryl says. “I have practiced Yoga for a number of years and found it was something that really helped me throughout the key stages of my life. I wanted to help other women to have the same experience that I had and to enable them to work around their family and love what they do.”

The successful businesswoman (who was a business analyst previously) now has over 80 YogaBellies franchisees across three continents. YogaBellies teachers are given complete training in the unique YogaBellies techniques and run their own socially-conscious YogaBellies business, offer the classes in their local area. “You don’t need to have lots of practical yoga experience to join us, anyone can master the physical aspects of yoga. We want teachers who can demonstrate their willingness to support other women, work around their family and be truly committed to YogaBellies philosophies.”

Cheryl was recently been handpicked as one of the “Top 100 Mums in Business” and was nominated for “Mumprenuer Champion” at the MumsClub 2012 awards. In addition to this, Cheryl also made the finals of Women of the Year 2012 award and YogaBellies as an organization was a finalist in the Working Mums Employer of the Year awards[i] and were finalists in the What’s on 4 Little One’s Best Pre and Post Natal activity award.


[i] MumsClub Awards 2012 official website –

The show will be broadcast next Sunday evening and Cheryl will be available for interviews and comments after the show has aired. You can watch a clip of the show trailer here

The Value of Kundalini Yoga in Beautiful Surroundings

November 17, 2011

Guest Blog by Anette Siri Simran Mulkerrins from the Simran Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

I was introduced to Zen meditation at the age of 10 and yoga at 18, which is quite a few years ago, and so I have plenty of hands on experience of Kundalini Yoga, which I love sharing with people who are ready to learn. 

Kundalini Yoga is for all levels, is always de stressing and balancing, with  ‘yogic’ techniques for keeping ‘cognitive functions’ at an optimum, and a focus upon how to access health on all levels.   

Kundalini is a way to deal with modern day stress and the joy from connecting with the eternal now.

We provide classes and courses in beautiful Stockholm, thus combining yoga and a travel experience to this friendly and exciting city.

Also yoga travel to amazing Connemara, Ireland. Staying at historic Renvyle, by the Atlantic coast.

Thus, a healing experience that is enhanced by the intense beauty of the surrounding landscape of sea, un spoilt beaches and purple mountains.

Click here to see our Special Feature on Yoga & Meditation  on What’s On 4 Me

A nip in the air….

November 17, 2011

Guest Blog from Safia Bowley of Yoga-Life Studio in Eastbourne

Brrrrr..I kept my coat on when I came home from the school run this morning and was finding it hard to warm up even after my cup of tea and sneaky biscuit. So, how to warm up on a cold but beautiful crisp autumn morning… Rubbing my hands together and then remembering a kundalini trick of raising the arms and shaking the hands vigorously while lowering them again seems bizarre but I can feel it doing wonders for my circulation. Then realising that I’ve been tensing my shoulders against the cold, eagle arms (taking off my coat first, which made it much easier!), while visualising breathing in to the space between my shoulder blades helps to ease out the tension around there. Must remember to keep those shoulders down and away from my ears, even when it feels chilly again later… Off to look for more woolly scarves and cardigans now. Enjoy the autumn sunshine, and stay warm! Safia x

Yoga & Meditation – what’s it all about…?

November 14, 2011

A whole new Blog is starting on Whatson4me – all about Yoga & Meditation – to complement our year long Yoga & Meditation Spotlight Activity Feature

Because from recent discussions, our fans would love to know the “real” benefits and experiences of Yoga & Meditation.  

So if you are an instructor or practitioner, then we’d love to hear your stories and/or what you can offer! 

You could tell us about about introducing yoga and meditation to the very new, success stories for experienced yogi’s, enticing retreats that you may run, training courses that may lead to our fans running their own businesses,… TELL US!!! 

The floor is YOURS!!

If you want to be included and give your advice to our WhatsOn4Me fans, then get in touch now – we’d love to hear from you!

Contact Jenny on with your details!

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