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Wow – where has 2010 gone?

December 28, 2010

Wow – where has 2010 gone? This year has been such a busy year – all in great ways – but the time has just flown!

On a business front, I began 2010 pursuing a new business idea – whatson4me. This idea quickly gathered momentum and gained local business support. Before I knew it I became the Master Franchisee for the UK for!

The starting of a new business has been an absolute thrill – much better than I ever anticipated. Besides my personal satisfaction, I was rewarded by, would you believe it – winning business awards!! Who’d have thought, so early on!

Sometimes I think that I’m very lucky…but as a great man once said “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” I was very prepared to meet the challenges and I’ve continued in this vain and the business has gone from strength to strength. This really sets the groundwork for 2011, so I can’t wait to get going again to see what the New Year brings!!

We’ve also had a busy social calendar too. 2010 has been a year of family weddings, funerals, christenings and big birthdays. We’ve also had our fair share of fancy dress parties (which seem to be all the rage now!) and awards ceremonies and a whole variety of other weekends (races, boxing, etc).

It has to be said, we’re normally busy, so this has been no great demand on us – but we’ve been in social overdrive this year!! And our busy life didn’t seem to slow down till around the beginning of December! What a year on all fronts.

So, over the past few Festive days we have enjoyed a few days off with our family!

And on a family note, my two boys have grown up so much this year. My 4 year old is now at school and already knows everything! And my one year old is almost walking and talking!

Our Festive boys - Hamish & Theo

It’s also been great to have our family over from America. We miss them so much and our boys relish seeing their only grandparents, so it was brilliant to have them stay for the Christmas period.

So, all in all – 2010 has been one very busy year!!

Something has to give though – and in such a busy year the thing that has fallen by the way side this year is work on our house! We normally have several projects on the go, both inside and out, on every level from décor to construction.

However, this year, with the new business, busy family life and exceptionally busy social calendar, I’ve barely had time to start the vacuum!

Well that’s my excuse anyway! 😉

And so, now our thoughts turn to 2011…and if I could replicate 2010, then it will be an amazing year!

However, you have to shape your own destiny.  Things don’t happen by themselves.  You have to devise your plan and turn it into action!

So……I’m off to devise my plan of action!

I’ll be back shortly 🙂

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