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We need your help….

January 29, 2014

We often get enquiries through our website about different types of activities…Bootcamps, Crossfit, Zumba, Metafit, Bokwa….the list is endless….and, we’re not the Experts.

Our new Sports & Fitness Feature is starting in February & running for a full year.

Please let us know the Activities that you’d like to see in our Guide!

Here’s a start…  Feel free to comment below with more…

Metafit, Zumba, Crossfit, Bokwa, Bootcamps, Personal Trainers, Pilates, Boxercise… 

If you’re an instructor or expert – would you like publicity in our Sports & Fitness Feature?


Hannah Fisher – nominated in 2 categories in the What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards!

October 12, 2011

Hannah Fisher is a Dance Instructor in Doncaster and has been nominated for 2 Awards – “Best Local Sports, Health or Fitness Group” and “Most Outstanding Activity Instructor” !

In November 2010 Hannah  moved to Doncaster to continue her passion for Dance and Fitness after completing a dance degree in July 2009 at York St John University. She has been on the dance scene for many years now from performances with local schools to teaching in the community.

Hannah says “I have been concentrating on my new love ZUMBA!!! Its a fantastic way of getting fit, having fun and feeling good about yourself.  I get an amazing buzz off each of my classes as the women that take part are just so supportive and have great energy.  I am running 9 sessions of Zumba a week throughout Doncaster that are open classes for anyone to turn up and give it a go! ”

Since moving to Doncaster Hannah has successfully raised over £1500 for Behcets Syndrome Society through Charity Zumba Marathons (Zumbathon) and Glow in the Dark sessions and she has another Halloween Glow in the Dark Special coming up on Friday 28th October.

As well as community classes she works with Primary Schools throughout Doncaster working with after school dance clubs and she is currently working with Long Toft Primary for their performance in the Ash Hill Academy Dance Festival around Easter time.

Every school holiday on a Tuesday morning she holds ZumbAtomic sessions (Zumba for children) followed by a street and break dance workshop! The session last 3 hours and they receive a healthy light lunch at the end of the session.  So far they have been a great turn out and Hannah says “I hope they continue as I love seeing them excited about coming to see me and take part in the classes plus its a great treat and morning out throughout the holidays.”

One of Hannah’s Class members says:

“I joined Hannahs Zumba class in October last year, she hadn’t been doing the class long. I loved the class from the first time, not only are her routines excellent and fantastic workouts but she makes it so much fun. I now do 3-4 classes a week mainly because I love it so much.  I have tried other zumba classes and the other instructors don’t come close to Hannah and her wicked routines. She changes them every month too, to keep us on our toes and keeps it new and fresh. I have never been this fit for a long time and can’t imagine life without Hannah’s Zumba! She is a very down to earth person and makes you feel very welcome at her classes, she is gorgeous inside and out!”

Well Done Hannah on your nominations and good luck with your votes!  You really deserve your place in these Awards!

To vote for Hannah – click << here >>

Reward your favourite instructor, social club and group in the What’s On 4 Me Awards 2011

July 6, 2011

The What’s On 4 Me 2011 Awards in association with Printing365 are now open and the nominations are flooding in!

We already have dozens of contenders for the Most Outstanding Activity Instructor, so make sure that you nominate yours!!  What better way to reward your Zumba Instructor, Boot Camp Leader,  Ghost hunt organiser, Party Planner, Craft Fayre organiser…., etc….than with a National Award!!!

The Best Entertainment Award is also attracting lots of attention!!  Pubs, clubs, social clubs, bingo halls, restaurants and community centres…..

Does yours deserve a special award?

The highest praise comes from YOU!! So don’t delay!

NOMINATE NOW and reward your Activity & Entertainment Providers for their dedicated work and effort.

Zumba Master Class with Jaime Farfan!

May 13, 2011

Jaime Farfan (ZES)

Well I’ve been along to maybe one hundred Zumba sessions now since my luring into the sport last Summer and yet my “Master Class” was a Zumba session with a difference!

The Internationally renowned Jaime Farfan, Zumba Educational Specialist (ZES) who travels the globe with the creator of Zumba “Beto Perez” held a Master Class at the Platinum Dance Studio and it was out of this world – on many levels…

Marilyn and Jaime Farfan

Even if you do not do Zumba, then imagine this….

– to be led, WITHOUT A SPOKEN WORD, for one and half hours, in the rhythms of dance;

– to dance all manner of dance style – latin, street, salsa, rumba, belly dancing to name a few;

– to dance with a leader of Zumba who travels with Beto Perez the creator of Zumba and to learn the moves which have stirred nations globally;

– (And for us with a pound or several to lose) around 700/900 calories per hour.

Marilyn and the Platinum Dance Studia Team

If you’ve not been to Zumba, let alone a Masterclass, then click here to find out more details of Zumba classes in your area

Also, Jaime Farfan will be showcasing at the Zumba Nightlife Event organised by Platinum Dance Studio – click here for contact information!

Marilyn 🙂

Lifestyle Change in Progress!!

May 5, 2011

We’re busy working on our May Edition of our What’s On 4 Me monthly (request one here), and we have a very inspiring section all about changing your lifestyle! It’s very informative and to be honest, whilst working on it’s really got me thinking too about what I can change in my life…

I know I shouldn’t get too involved in everything I read and edit on our site – as I’d be out dancing, walking, bingo-ing, rock-climbing, etc. day and night! – but I just can’t help the thoughts churning over with this one! And you see, I’m changing lots already….but I just don’t feel like I’ve quite really hit the heart of it yet….I still feel like I’m not 100% where I want to be, and I’ve just been prompted with this article to try to put my finger on what it was that was bothering me.

You see…I’m already on the case with losing weight – I’ve been doing that through ZUMBA (if you didn’t see me previous update I’ve dropped a dress size Woohoo!)…I’m currently studying, so I definitely don’t have time for a new course…we’ve done as much improvement work around the house as we can handle…

So…I was casting my eye a bit closer to home and….YES! it definitely has to be an image change!! Everything around me has been changing, but little ol’ me has been stuck in a bit of time warp! So it’s high time to get out of this Tardis and make a change.   Now I’m not sure where I’m going to go with this (or who is coming with me!), but there is definitely much room for improvement!

I’m not getting any younger, wrinkles are appearing on my wrinkles…I found my first grey hair a few weeks ago…some parts of my body migrated South for the Winter and never returned….SO – it’s time to take a good long look at my body, face, make-up, wardrobe and cast a brand new eye over it! BUT…where do I go for image advice? What’s the form these days?? Do we have consultants who can handle such a sizeable task? Or is it mums and friends still?

Where do you start? Who can be trusted to give a good opinion about a new direction – I don’t want to come out the other end looking like an 80’s version of myself! I’m open to suggestions here…where do I start??…

(May’s Special Update request – so you can be inspired too!)

Drop a Dress Size with Zumba!!

April 27, 2011

As many of you will know I am a Zumba-addict and you’ll be excited to learn that through the magical power of Zumba I have dropped a dress size and thrown out all my size 16’s!!

I dug out my summer wardrobe last week and found that the linen trousers from last year were like clown pants!  So I raced through my wardrobe, trying everything on and found that I am now back down to a pre-pregnancy 14!

So I’ve decided to do a little research into why Zumba is so popular and why it has such an amazing effect on losing weight… 

One of the primary reasons is because of its ability to help you lose weight in a way that isn’t boring!  Exercise is boring – but Zumba isn’t!  Beto Perez (the founder of Zumba) has revolutionized the cardio workout industry, simply by introducing what has now become a certified “dance workout craze”!  What makes Zumba so effective is that it utilizes High-Intensity Interval Training better known as HIIT.

“High-intensity interval training (HIIT) or sprint interval training is a training protocol that is intended to improve performance with short training sessions. HIIT is a form of cardio which is beneficial to burning fat in a short and intense workout. Usual HIIT sessions may vary from 15-30 minutes. Most HIIT sessions have a 2:1 ratio in terms of time. For example, for running, a HIIT session may be something as 60 seconds jog, 30 seconds sprint.” (Wikipedia)

In the Zumba dance workout you lose weight because each song is selected for its particular speed. So in the beginning of the class you will find yourself dancing to a slower pace song. Then as the class progresses the songs played have a faster beat – this is what creates the intensity.

So, Dancing makes it fun and High-Intensity Interval Training is what makes it SO effective!  The amazing thing is that it seems like the pounds just come off by themselves! 

And, if like me, you may find that going to just one class per week is just not enough!  The classes are fun and fly-by very quickly, you feel great afterwards and the cost is really quite low!  So, I now go 2 or 3 times a week, I even fit in a Zumbathon or two!

Watch out – you too may be commenting here about your Zumba Addiction – find a class here!!  And, I’ll keep you posted with news of the descent to a size 12!!


Newcastle Zumbathon!!

February 5, 2011

What an absolutely fantastic night in Newcastle at the Zumbathon!! Who’d have believed that we could survive 3 hours of hard core Zumba!! We managed it with only a sit down here and there for about 15 minutes!

Can’t wait for the Zumbathon in Twickenham in June!! Bring it on!

Ooooooh….is that the time?? Best get ready for tonight’s Toga Party!!

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